GTA San Andreas Cheats Side Effects

San Andreas cheats can cause glitches and side effects in your game, which is why we recommend only using cheats with a separate save file or a completed game. These are all of the known side effects.

  • Every cheat you activate lowers your Criminal Rating by 10 points.
  • If you use too many cheats, several missions (Burning Desire, Life's a Beach, Photo Opportunity, and Madd Dogg) will become unwinnable.
  • If you activate "$250,000, Full Health, and Full Armor" during the bike chase section of Just Business, the bike will blow up and you will fail the mission.
  • If you activate "$250,000, Full Health, and Full Armor" during the section where you shoot from the car during End of the Line, you will fail the mission.
  • If you activate "$250,000, Full Health, and Full Armor" during Lure, your car's doors will be destroyed.
  • If you activate "$250,000, Full Health, and Full Armor" during a taxi mission, your tip bar will empty.
  • If you activate "Locked Wanted Level," the Mike Toreno mission won't progress beyond the red marker. To fix this, leave the area until the game tells you to return for Mike.
  • "Pedestrians Attack 1" and "Pedestrian Riot 2" cannot be deactivated. If you save your game, the effect will become permanent.
  • If either "Pedestrian Riot" cheat is active during certain missions (Burning Desire, Tanker Commander, 555 We Tip, Photo Opportunity, and Madd Dogg), they will become unwinnable.
  • The "Pedestrian Riot" cheats may cause pedestrians to interrupt mission cutscenes to attack you.

  • During Gang wars, gang members recruited through the "Recruit Anyone" cheats will attack you.
  • If you activate "Spawn Jetpack" while on a red marker, the game will crash.
  • If you activate "Flying Cars" and drive the car into water, youwill be trapped inside.
  • If you activate "Flying Cars," NPC cars will randomly fly away.
  • If you activate "Flying Cars" before a racing mission, the other racers' cars will fly away at the start of the race.
  • Activating "Cars Float Away When Hit" too many times will cause cars to randomly spawn in the air and fall, and other cars will randomly explode when you get near them.
  • If you activate "Destroy All Cars" during Reuniting the Families, Sweet's car will blow up and you will be trapped.
  • If you activate"Cars Float on Water" and then spawn the Nevada, Rustler, Stuntplane, or Cropduster, they will roll backwards.
  • The use of time-related cheats can accelerate the passage of time until you use the cheat again.
  • "Maximum Fat" and "Maximum Stamina" will prevent you from working out in a gym.
  • "Infinite Ammo" may cause audio problems.
  • "Your Car is Invincible" may glitch after cutscenes, at the end of dates and missions, or if you're already in the car when you activate it. If you try to blow up a vehicle, your car will blow up as well. You can fix this by exciting the car and re-entering it.
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