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Rockstar adds new Junk Energy Time Trials as part of the GTA Online July 27 Update

Rockstar Games' latest update for GTA Online is perfect for thrill seekers.

Rockstar Games' newest weekly update for GTA Online focuses on race enthusiasts with a bevy of opportunities, while leaving players interested in doing business with fewer offerings.

This update is a continuation of the Summer Racing Event that started last week. This week doesn't herald the arrival of new cars, but the thrill for speed chasers is far from curbed.

Check out our round-up below of what's new in Los Angeles as part of the latest GTA Online update:

  • 3X GTA$ and RP on Issi Classic Races, Special Vehicle Races, and Open Wheel Races
    • 4.5X GTA$ and RP on Issi Classic Races, Special Vehicle Races, and Open Wheel Races (GTA+ exclusive)
  • 3X GTA$, Car Meet Rep, and RP on LS Car Meet Races

    Competitors can go home with the Dark Manor Racing Suit by completing and winning at least one Rockstar Created Open Wheel Race, Hotring Circuit Race, and LS Street Race through August 2.

    Rockstar still hasn't revealed anything new about GTA 6.

    Premium Deluxe Motorsport

    • Pfister Growler (Sports) wrapped in the rare Kisama Graffiti livery - Porsche 718 Cayman
    • Dinka RT3000 (Sports) - Honda S2000
    • Pegassi Monroe (Sports Classics) - Lamborghini Miura
    • Progen PR4 - 1989 McLaren MP4/5
    • Benefactor BR8 - 2011 Red Bull RB7

    Luxury Autos Showroom

    • Maibatsu MonstroCiti (Off-Road) - 1997-99 Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution (V55W)
    • Vysser Neo (Sports) - Spyker C8 Aileron

    Diamond Casino Podium

    • Players can try their luck at the Diamond Casino's prize wheel to win the podium car - the Dinka Jester Classic, a two-door sports car inspired by the real-world Toyota Supra, which carries a price tag of $790,000 in GTA dollars.

    Car Meet Prize Ride

    • If the spin of the wheel doesn't favor you, there's still a chance to grab the GTA Online prize ride - the Ocelot Ardent. Echoing the design of the real-life Lotus Esprit, this two-door sports car is a dream ride for many. This beauty can be acquired without spending the significant $1,150,000 asking price, by just winning two LS Car Meet races for three days in a row.
    • You may also check out the following cars for free at the Test Track inside the LS Car Meet:
      • Benefactor Streiter (Sports) - Mercedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4x4
      • Progen GP1 (Super) - McLaren F1
      • Coil Raiden (Sports) - Tesla Model S


    • 50% off
      • Marksman Rifle
    • 40% off
      • Vysser Neo (Sports)
    • 30% off
      • Military Rifle (exclusive to GTA+ Members)
      • Eclipse Blvd Garage
      • Mammoth Avenger Thruster
        • Front Machine Guns
        • Missiles
      • Progen GP1 (Super)
      • Progen PR4 (Open Wheel)
      • Progen Emerus (Super)
    • 25% off
    • Maibatsu MonstroCiti (Off-Road)
    GTA Online remains a massive draw a decade into its lifecycle.

    Grand Theft Auto 5, despite nearing a decade since its release, has kept players engaged through such weekly 'event week' updates. These updates bring with them a rich collection of new content, different rewards, RP bonuses, vendor-specific discounts, and variations to in-game missions or races, adding freshness to the game. From new missions to the podium vehicle of the week, there's always something novel for players to immerse themselves in.

    So, whether you're a speed enthusiast or a casual player looking to enjoy new content, the latest GTA Online weekly update has plenty to offer. The event runs till August 2 and promises to be a thrilling ride, especially for those who live life in the fast lane.


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    1. How does someone improve with the time trials? Just playing them over and over again? I think I do good but I end up being no where near the top time placements.

    2. @stealthMode,
      Thanks. I was not sure. It seems like it is mostly worth it if you are good at it then. I am not very good at it lol

    3. @stealthMode,
      This is what I have seen too. I never got placed at the top to know. I have tried though.

    4. @FinalBoss_87,
      I think you get $100,000 for beating the top time and you get $1000 to $4000 for playing. I mean this is from what I remember. Idk if this was changed or not.

    5. How much do time trials pay? I haven't done them in so long that idk if they even pay what they paid before.

    6. @joystickJunkie,
      I honestly forget about them half the time. When was the last time they even updated them?

      Going to check it out tonight. Might be worth it now.

    7. I haven't bothered with the time trials in a while but I will check these out. I am all for them adding new minor things like this to freshen up the game.

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