Rockstar Games Teasing New GTA 5 Radio Station, Possibly Nightclub DLC

Rockstar Games, alongside a few artists, has taken to social media to tease upcoming musical content for GTA Online - a move which lends some additional legitimacy to the recent Nightclub DLC leak. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there are too many pieces that fall into place.

In a tweet only just posted, Rockstar revealed the names of four artists - Solomun, Tales of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna - whose music will be featured in GTA Online sometime this summer. One of the artists, The Black Madonna, also tweeted about the collaboration albeit with a different piece of artwork.


While the image used by The Black Madonna is composed of the Los Santos skyline with a retro 80's neon purple and pink filter, Rockstar's image uses minimalist symbols on each side of the artists' names. These geometric shapes are key to why this might also by extension lend credence to the nightclub DLC leak.

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Yan2295, the leaker responsible for outing the rumors regarding the nightclub DLC, pointed out that the shapes present on the Rockstar artwork are similar to the light-up tiles found on the dance floor of the Bahama Mamas.

While this is one heck of a stretch, the claim that the addition of these musical artists to the game may herald nightclubs arriving as DLC in GTA Online rests on more than just this throwaway coincidence.

Solomun, Tales of Us, Dixon and The Black Madonna are all techno DJs. This style of music is a perfect fit for nightclubs, and introducing new artists of such caliber would make sense for a major DLC involving player-owned businesses.

Additionally, the new music will be added sometime this summer according to the official post, which lines up with the rumored summer release of the nightclub DLC.

Keep in mind that this is not official confirmation of anything whatsoever! No matter how credible a leaker is, only news coming from Rockstar should be taken as definite.


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