Rockstar Games introduces Junk Energy Skydives in latest GTA Online update

If you've ever needed proof to believe that all is well over at Rockstar Games, you only need to look at the current state of GTA Online.

Get into the Halloween spirit with this free mask just by logging into GTA Online this week.

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After Rockstar confirmed the GTA 6 leaks, it's business as usual over at the studio. It hasn't lost sleep over the threats of potentially more leaks even now if the hacker is behind bars. As a matter of fact, GTA Online players better prepare themselves to welcome something that's definitely not for the faint of heart.

Here's a rundown of everything new that was added to GTA Online as part of the update:

  • Free Orange Tech Demon Mask
  • New Junk Energy Skydives
    • You'll get a chance to join a total of 25 Junk Energy Skydives. Only 10 will be randomly available every day. You can earn $5,000 and 2,500RP per skydive with an additional $50,000 on top if you complete all 10 skydives for the day.
  • 2 x GTA$ and RP on Smuggler Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions
  • 2 x GTA$ and RP on Flight School Activities
  • 2 x GTA$ and RP Turf Wars
  • PS5 and Xbox Series S/X can take out a Grotti Briosi R/A (Fiat 500) for a ride for this week's Premium Test Ride vehicle.
The Junk Energy Skydives is heaven sent for thrill-seeking GTA Online players.

Diamond Casino Podium Reward

  • Cycline (Rimac Concept One)

Luxury Autos Showroom

  • Zentorno (Lamborghini Sesto Elemento)
  • Jester RR (2019- Toyota GR Supra)

Premium Deluxe Motorsport

  • Dubsta (Mercedes-Benz G-Class)
  • Greenwood (1977–1978 Dodge Monaco)
  • Sentinel XS (BMW M635CSi)
  • Youga Classic (1968-1974 Ford Ecoline)
  • Retinue MK II (Ford Escort Mk. I)

GTA Online Time Trials

  • You can win $100K if you match or beat the 02:04:90 par time in the Main Time Trial race at Rockford Hills
  • $100K is up for grabs at the RC Bandito Time Trial at Pacific Bluffs if you beat the 01:20:00 part time
  • Earn $250K in reward money for beating the 01:47:00 par time at Textile City

GTA Online Discounts

  • 50% off
    • Swift
  • 40% off
    • Hunter
    • Jester Classic (Toyota Supra JZA80 Mk IV)
  • 30% off
    • Luxor Deluxe (Learjet 45)
    • Molotk
    • Tula
  • 20%
    • Conada

September GTA+ Benefits

  • The Benefactor Terorbyte
  • Nightclub Lighting Rig and Cargo Storage Upgrades
  • 2X GTA$ and RP on Terrorbyte Client Jobs and Business Battles
  • Free Halloween Gear
  • 3X Nightclub Warehouse production speed
  • 35% off Mk II weapon upgrades via the Terrorbyte
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