Rare GTA Online SUV Spawn Location Confirmed

We all know that GTA V has absolutely mind boggling amounts of content and features in it. While some players might have an issue keeping track of it all though, imagine what the developer may feel!

Rockstar is a professional company, but even the most professional programmers might simply write "magic. don't touch" next to their massive block of code instead of commenting it properly. This is the reason why large games like GTA V usually suffer from cut content seeping back into the game. Maybe most spawn functions were deleted, but that one specific line of code was left in there.

Thus, certain "secrets" may still be discovered in GTA Online.



The Dubsta is a four door SUV found in both GTA V and Online. It is fairly uninteresting and plain and nothing to write home about when encountered. It seems like any other of the fairly common vehicles in the game, save for one unique characteristic. It has an extremely rare variant, the Dubsta 2, which seems to have been cut from the final release. However, this versions has managed to smuggle itself back into the game in a limited capacity.

In single-player versions of GTA V's next gen edition (PC, XBO, PS4), the Dubsta 2 can be found during the mission Trevor Phillips Enterprises, however in GTA Online, their acquisition is a tad more tricky.

Beyond the planets aligning, there is no chance you'll encounter one of these sought-after SUVs randomly. Redditor Liquorace has found a method of getting a Dubsta 2 from spawning in GTA Online, if you follow the instructions closely enough. Whether or not you're in a private or public lobby does not matter as long as there are only a maximum of two of you in it. The method also works best if your buddy already owns a Dubsta 2.

To have a chance at getting the vehicle, in the mission "Denial of Service", you'll need to blow up all but one trucks and drive off to LSC past the first intersection. Then swing back to the second and it should spawn there. Make sure to check the Reddit thread if you do not succeed the first time (the map screenshots below should also help out).

First Intersection
First intersection
Second Intersection
Second Intersection

Have you guys found any surviving cut content in GTA V?

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