Nagasaki Stryder Now Available In GTA Online

Surprisingly, Rockstar has opted not to use the first week of drip-feed DLC since the release of Open Wheel Races to add a new race car to the game. Instead, we've got this odd novelty vehicle - but the usual selection of discounts and bounses are still here to remind us that all is well in the world.

The Nagasaki Stryder is a strange little vehicle. A futuristic trike motorcycle with two wheels in the front and one in the back, the Stryder has large wheels and high ground clearance making it more suited to rough terrain than its concept-style showfloor adapted design would let you believe. This oddity can be yours for GTA$ 670,000, or for the trade price of GTA$ 502,200 if you use it as your getaway vehicle during the finale of the Diamond Casino Heist. Good luck with that!


The Stryder will hardly break the bank even at full price, but if you feel like sating your curiosity isn't worth the asking price, you can always earn it back quickly with the bonuses on offer. All Gunrunning sell missions are paying out twice the usual RP and GTA$ rewards through the 11th of March. Incidentally, Gunrunning sell missions are among the most lucrative activities in the game.

The Bunker Series, a playlist of special Adversary Mode maps inspired by Gunrunning and taking place in the subterranean bases players operate out of, are also paying out double rewards in case Sell Missions are too high risk for you.

Rockstar may have laid off on the log-in rewards recently, but this week they're back in force. Simply log into GTA Online this week to unlock both the White Nagasaki Logo t-shirt and the Överflöd Logo t-shirt for your in-game character's wardrobe.

Gamblers are in for a treat this week with a relatively new and quite expensive vehicle spinning on the podium in the Diamond Casino & Resort. You can win the Överflöd Imorgon with your daily Lucky Wheel spin if fortune happens to favor you.

If you've been moonlighting as a supervillain in GTA Online but feel like you're missing the final touch, you can pick up the Mobile Operations Center and all upgrades at a 35% discount through the 11th of March. The same discount also applies to the Declasse Scramjet, the Imponte Ruiner 2000 and the Karin Sultan RS.

Aron Gerencser
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