"Massive multi-part update" for GTA Online announced

After a lot of anticipation, Rockstar Games will finally release the highly-anticipated winter update for GTA Online. According to the GTA developer's most recent post, several quality-of-life improvements are coming to the game, including fan-requested features. However, Rockstar has also confirmed that a much bigger update is in the works after the "smaller" update, going as far as to refer to it as a "massive multi-part" update."

GTA Online players will be excited at the most recent update as the nearly decade-old game continues to be popular.

Here's the full list of updates announced by Rockstar for GTA Online, as of writing:

General Improvements

  • Players can now select which iFruit Contacts to display and hide
  • Launch Business Sell Missions using the Benefactor Terrorbyte
  • It's now possible to complete Agatha's Casino Story Missions as a solo operator
  • Ray-tracing finally enabled for the PS5 and Xbox Series X

Vehicle Updates

  • Improved Garage delivery speed of new vehicle purchases
  • Participate in Races using Custom Weaponized Vehicles (weapons will be disabled)
  • Request bicycles from your Personal Garage via the Mechanic
  • Full access to Hao's Special Works on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X

Economy Updates

  • High Demand Bonus award for completing Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions in Publis Sessions
  • Permanently tripled payouts on Smuggler's Sell Missions
  • 20-25% boost in GTA$ value of all Shark Cards
We're particularly curious about the "massive multi-part update" part of the incoming GTA Online update.

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The most exciting part about the upcoming GTA Online update is something that Rockstar refuses to talk in detail about. All that Rockstar said about it is that it's the "first installment of a massive multi-part update" and it will cover Blaine County as well as the southern part of San Andreas. In addition to this, Rockstar is teasing that the next GTA Online update will feature "familiar faces".


Previous rumors involved a potential return of Michael de Santa in GTA Online. However, it's more likely this has something to do with the most recent leak that involves the addition of a new character, Dax, as well as the appearance of Trevor Philips' friend, Wade, in GTA Online. Of course, we can't deny that Rockstar could have all three planned for the upcoming GTA Online update.

GTA Online will likely continue to be played by gamers even after GTA 6 is out.

All in all, Rockstar hasn't seemed to have run out of ideas for GTA Online even though GTA 6 is already in development. Fingers crossed, Rockstar will have more than enough content planned for GTA Online in the interim as fans wait for GTA 6, which, as per Microsoft, will be out by 2024.

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