Karin Sultan RS Classic Hits GTA Online

A new event week has kicked off in Grand Theft Auto Online, and not only do we get a fresh drip-feed vehicle alongside bonuses and discounts, but an all new daily collectible type has also washed ashore with the promise of a brand new outfit. Read on to learn more.

Aug Bonuses

The Karin Sultan has a colorful history in GTA Online. Veteran players will remember the original Sultan RS incident wherein for a while, due to a clipping bug that caused the car to accelerate exponentially, it was by far the fastest vehicle in the game. The bug was fixed, the Sultan was beaten and the community moved on, but many still remember the car's brief moment in the spotlight fondly.

Aug Bonuses


Even without the bug giving it a speed boost, the Sultan remained a force to be reckoned with - the RS Classic, introduced to GTA Online today, is no different. The retro version of the fan favorite ride can be yours for GTA$1,789,000, or at a trade price of GTA$1,341,750.

Before we jump into all the boosted earning opportunities available this week, there is a new collectible to keep an eye out for. Reports of an old shipwreck being beached on various shores across Los Santos and Blaine County have come in. If you find the wreck, you stand to earn riches and pieces of a vintage outfit.

As a Daily Collectible, players will only be able to find one shipwreck each day, and the location of where the wreck is washed ashore changes every 24 hours. Whether or not there has been a reset can be tracked in your Daily Collectibles. We eagerly await the first instance of the outfit being completed to see it in full.

Aug Bonuses

Bonus earning opportunities this week include double payouts on all Auto Shop Client Jobs, introduced with the recent Los Santos Tuners update. If you don't have your own Auto Shop yet, 1) get one and 2) Lester's Contact Missions are also paying double, giving you a great way to save up. Stunt Races also pay double, while buddying up with a CEO or VIP will get you triple the usual salary.

A free Annis Euros is up for grabs if you place in the Top 2 for 4 days in a row in the Pursuit Series, while the Lucky Wheel might get you a free Vapid GB200. This week's test rides include the new Karin Sultan RS Classic, the Obey Tailgater S and next week's Übermacht Cypher.

The Vapid Dominator GTT and Dewbauchee Specter are 30% off, the Bravado Half-Trak, Dinka Verus, Pegassi Tezeract and all Bunker upgrades are 40% off while Bunkers themselves are half price all week long.

Aron Gerencser
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