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Insider "confirms" DLC content for Grand Theft Auto 6

TLDR; Rockstar Games wants to release GTA 6 as soon as possible.

While GTA Online's developers might be looking forward to the future of the extremely successful online multiplayer off-shoot, leakers have been busy digging up more info about the next installment in the best-selling video game franchise.

In particular, an insider seems to have unearthed valuable information about the upcoming game.

Tez2 claims that the original "aimed-always-changing-not-set-in-stone" deadline for GTA 6 is "holiday 2024." Unfortunately, things have changed in recent years and the studio could push back GTA 6 to early 2025. The good news is that Rockstar is implementing a "forced return to office" policy for its employees. Although controversial, it will give Rockstar more manpower available to work on the project, as per the insider.

As a result, Rockstar could officially reveal GTA 6 later this year, as per earlier leaks. But, Tez2 was quick to remind fans that this move could lead to the company "losing work talent", which could delay the game even further.

Furthermore, Tez2 notes that Rockstar shouldn't delay GTA 6 further than holiday 2025, let alone 2026, which is surprising given that it wasn't listed as part of Take-Two Interactive's plans through FY2025.

It looks like Rockstar will have no choice but to release DLCs for GTA 6 to avoid delaying the game.

If it's any consolation, Tez2's logic behind the release date for GTA 6 is sound. According to them, Rockstar will likely cut content from the game and release them as DLCs just to meet the game's current deadline.

A lot hinges on the next GTA game. As much as new content for GTA Online will help keep players in the loop, the game itself is coming up to ten years old. Rockstar will have to release GTA 6 eventually.

At the end of the day, fans want nothing more than to hear more about the next GTA title. Unfortunately, all of us can do right now is recheck last year's leaks and hope that the game has progressed well since.

We're just hoping that the DLCs for GTA 6 will be as good as standalone games.

By the way, 50 Cent is definitely part of the next GTA game after he deleted his teases from his social media accounts without offering an explanation. The verdict is still out on Bryson Tiller.


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