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GTA V Meets A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Rockstar Editor is one of those things which really brings out the creativity from a given community. The GTA franchise has always had an active fandom with fan made videos related to all of the previous installments being aplenty.

However, back when they didn't have their own dedicated video capture and editing tool, getting something like that set up just seemed like too much of  hassle for most players.

The Editor, however, has made the creation of high-quality GTA V fan videos simple and easy. Instead of forcing you to separately download software from gameplay capture and another for video editing, it allows you to do both in GTA V without having to quit.

This ease of access has opened up the world of fan videos to a whole new segment of players who just didn't want to bother with the hassle of setting all that up. People who might not have had any interest in making videos have now discovered their hidden talents.

While the Rockstar Editor is mainly used to make scene-for-scene recreations, quite a few videos show their own original content based on established franchises. We've covered one such video recently, which chose to show its own take on the showdown between Batman and the Joker.

This time around we're bringing you an original fan-made edition of A Nightmare On Elm Street, made entirely in the Rockstar Editor. The creator of the video, Stunt-man used the basic concept as well as the iconic slasher, Freddy Krueger, in his video.

This Editor "re"-creation doesn't follow any existing trailer or movie from the established horror franchise. However, it keeps all the basic motions and adds some supreme editing skills to the mix.

Stunt-man's video takes a look at two good-old Freddy style hauntings from the points of view of a man and a woman. As is the franchise staple, both are tormented by horrifying nightmares where they either suffer surreal and impossible accidents, or are stalked and killed over and over again by Freddy.

The ending may surprise some, however fans of the A Nightmare On Elm Street may suspect such a mind-bending twist. Freddy Krueger has become synonymous with slasher flicks and has a cult following almost as large as Jason Voorhees, who also has had some outings in GTA V.

What other iconic slasher villain would you like to see resurrected in a GTA fan video?


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