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GTA Online Playing Cards Collectible Guide & Locations - High Roller Outfit


Rockstar loves sprinkling collectibles throughout the world of Grand Theft Auto Online and sending players on scavenger hunts. Finding every collectible in a set typically unlocks an exclusive reward, so it's not like you pouring hours into combing over all of Los Santos is for naught.

Finding every Playing Card collectible to unlock the High Roller Outfit can be done much quicker too, if you follow our guide!

The Playing Card collectibles were added to GTA Online with the Diamond Casino & Resort update, one of the most anticipated DLCs up until its release. In keeping with the whole gambling theme of the DLC, the new collectibles you need to find are a deck of special playing cards, scattered across the entire game world. There are 54 in total that you need to find.


Upon completing the entire collection, you'll unlock the swanky High Roller Outfit, an elegant red getup with a checked pattern. That's not all in it for you though - every card found will reward you with chips to be used at the Casino. You'll be rewarded with different amounts depending on how many you have collected.

The first five playing cards you find will award 100 chips each, and after that there is a cumulative 50 chip increase to the reward for finding subsequent cards. For example, the sixth card you find will grant 150 chips, and the seventh will grant 200. This keeps adding up until you find the final, 54th card, giving you 2,550 chips. The grand total of chips gained from finding cards is 66,650. Chips can be exchanged for GTA$ at the Diamond Casino at a rate of 1:1.

Card Locations

We've marked the locations of each playing card on the map below so you know where to look, but due to their size, they can still be tough to find based on this map alone. We've put together some written instructions as well to make sure you can find them.

  1. Alamo Sea - Found on a ping pong table at the local pier.
  2. Burton - In a changing room near Rockfort Plaza Posonbys, on a table.
  3. Chumash - Found in front of Nelson's shop, on a table.
  4. Cypress Flats - Outside the Ammunation shooting range, on a table.
  5. Davis - Next to a radio in the Macdonald Street fire station.
  6. Del Perro Beach - Found at the end of the pier, in the kiosk next to the Hot Dog Stand.
  7. Downtown Vinewood - Inside the Pacific Standard Bank, on a blue table.
  8. El Burro Heights - Inside the tattoo parlor.
  9. Grand Senora Desert - Found on the Rebel Radio signage, on the "L".
  10. Grand Senora Desert - Near the market, by the road.
  11. Grand Senora Desert - Outside a house by the industrial complex, hidden in a red cart.
  12. Grapeseed - At the coffee shop's rear.
  13. Grapeseed - On a desk inside the McKenzie Field hangar.
  14. Great Chaparral - Found south of the Route 68 Church, just outside a house.
  15. Hawick - Hidden in the garage on a red tool chest.
  16. Little Seoul - At the tram station near Heli Tools, on a bench.
  17. LS Intl. Airport - Near the first floor entrance, on a bench.
  18. Mirror Park - In the store office.
  19. Mount Gordo - Alongside the dirt trail, by a campfire.
  20. Murrieta Heights - In the liquor store's back office.
  21. Paleto Bay - In the cable car station, found on a windowsill.
  22. Paleto Bay - Found across from the tattoo parlor on top of the ATM.
  23. Paleto Bay - On a desk inside Los Santos Customs.
  24. Pillbox Hill - Outside the shooting range, on a desk.
  25. Pillbox Hill - Near the eagle statue between the FIB and IAA buildings, on a bench.
  26. RA Wind Farm - Found at the Hippie hangout just outside a camper.
  27. Raton Canyon - On the peak over the train tunnel.
  28. Richards Majestic - Near the Hot Dog Stand just outside the studio, stuck on the wall.
  29. Richman - At the large scale chessboard, resting on the head of one of the pieces.
  30. Richmen Glen - On top of the shop's safe.
  31. Rockford Hills - Across the Lifeinvader offices, in a house.
  32. Rockford Hills - Found on the Steele Way mansion' garage couch.
  33. San Chianski Mt. Range - On the blue house's windowsill.
  34. Sandy Shores - In the Yellow Jack bar, on the pool table.
  35. Sandy Shores - Inside the fire station on a red tool cart.
  36. Senora Freeway - Outside the hardware store on top of a washing machine.
  37. Stab City - Inside the Lost Hangout on one of the stages.
  38. Strawberry - Inside the Vanilla Unicorn's second booth.
  39. Tataviam Mt. - On the Ammunation store front counter.
  40. Terminal - Outside the Jetsam building on a picnic table.
  41. Vespucci Beach - In the gym, on one of the benches.
  42. Vespucci Canals - Inside the barber shop.
  43. Vinewood Hills - At Madrazo's ranch, inside the middle shed.
  44. Vinewood Hills - At the Observatory, inside the parking lot's restrooms.
  45. West Vinewood - At Gentry Manor courtyard.
  46. Zancudo - In the changing room of the discount store.
  47. Zancudo - Inside the Fort's north guard booth.
  48. Paleto Cove - At the docks, on the guardrail.
  49. Grapeseed - Just by the road, found on a white table.
  50. Senora Freeway - Near the northmost store on a picnic table.
  51. Banham Canyon - In the second store's back office.
  52. Davis - In the Maze Bank parking booth.
  53. La Mesa - Inside one of the buses at the vehicle warehouse.
  54. Vinewood Hills - In the yard of the yellow house on Didion Drive, found on the ping pong table.

For more tips and guides regarding Diamond Casino & Resort content, refer to our master guide here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the GTA Online Playing Cards rewards?

The rewards for collecting all the Playing Cards in GTA Online are 66,650 casino chips and the High Roller Outfit.

Where are all the Playing Cards in GTA 5 Online?

There are 54 locations to check and find all Playing Cards in GTA Online. These locations are in the general areas of Los Santos, Blaine County, Sandy Shores Airfield, Grapeseed, and Paleto Bay. Refer to the article above with its marked map for these locations.

How can I track my collectibles?

If you don't see a card at the location, there is a high possibility you might have already collected it. These cards do not give you any prompt to collect them. They are automatically collected as soon as you get near. The best way to check whether you've collected a car or not is by checking your collectibles tracker. You can access your collectibles tracker by going to Interaction Menu > Inventory > Collectibles.

Why are GTA Online Playing Cards not showing up?

If you're experiencing issues with GTA Online Playing Cards not showing up, one of these reasons might be the cause: Unstable internet connection, server issues, or unmet progression requirements like reaching a certain level or doing specific missions first. If all else fails, contact Rockstar Games Support in case it is a bug or glitch that's causing it.


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