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GTA Online Megalodon Shark Card Sale On

Soon after breaking a price record for GTA V in a sale, is at it again. GTA V very well might get an award for "most discounted game" for all these sales going on at various retailers. Ever since launch, the game has been discounted an innumerable amount of times across all platforms and countless retailers, both digital and physical.

This sale however focuses only on Shark Cards, the in-game cash packs that can be bought for real money if you're running low on funds in GTA Online and don't have the time or dedication required to grind up all that cash for a new lowrider or yacht. In fact, the sale focuses on just one particular Shark Card - the Megalodon.

The biggest of the Shark Cash Cards, the Megalodon is worth 8 Million in GTA $. Now, you'll know that that is a ton of cash in-game and can only be ground up with hours upon hours of frightfully efficient play-time. It would take several successful runs of the Pacific Standard heist coupled with repeating the most lucrative VIP missions ad infinitum.


So into how much real world cash does all that time and hard work translate to? $100. When bought at full price, the Megalodon Shark Card costs a hundred bucks. If you consider this, then there are in-game items purchasable in GTA Online that cost well over a hundred bucks, what with 10 million private jets and yachts on the market.

Well, if you're hurting for a big in-game payday, but don't feel like shelling out that much actual money, CDKeys has you covered. They've currently discounted their PC download codes for Megalodon cash cards - and they're not fooling around either.


Currently, PC Megalodon cash cards are available at for only $32.69. That is a massive discount from the starting $100. The site is no stranger to record breaking discounts, as they hold the title of having sold GTA V legally at the lowest price yet.

The frequency and magnitude is one of the reasons why GTA V has retained its status as a full priced AAA game even so long after release. Most other games of its caliber take a permanent price cut a few months after release, however few other games even come close to being on sale as frequently as GTA V is, so it's not like anyone ever has to buy it full price.

Will you be cashing in on this Shark Card sale, or would you rather earn your wealth in GTA Online?


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