GTA Online Maintenance *Not* Due To New Content

With the recent announcement regarding GTA Online’s 7 hour server maintenance, rumors began circulating that this is a sign of an upcoming content drop.

A new upcoming content update for GTA Online has been rumored for quite some time now, and speculation suggests that it will arrive before the summer is out. The rumors are mainly about the discovered vehicles list within the update as well as the code name, “LOW”, which in accordance with other evidence suggests that the theme of the new content update will be something along the lines of a “Lowlife” pack.


The current GTA online server maintenance, which happens to coincide with the PSN server maintenance, has rekindled the rumor. And people have been asking Rockstar through twitter whether or not this 7 hour downtime is due to them preparing the servers for the new content. As hundreds of eager gamers contacted the developer regarding hopes for GTA Online 1.29 launching with the end of the maintenance, Rockstar didn’t have the answer we were all hoping for.

This is routine maintenance to improve overall online performance and is not related to new content.

All replies contained some variation of the above sentence, crushing our hopes that the newest GTA Online DLC would have suddenly released. It is all the more suspicious as GTA Online is know for having solid, stable servers – so a 7 hour maintenance just for that seems excessive, but we don’t know the details of what goes on behind the scenes.

Regardless, the wait is almost over with August drawing to a close soon. The newest content update for GTA Online will launch before the summer ends, so we won’t have to engage in blind speculation for much longer, and soon we’ll be able to enjoy whatever new content 1.29 will hold.

What hopes do you have for the upcoming GTA Online DLC?

Aron Gerencser
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