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PSA: GTA Online Off The Radar Doesn't Hide Crates


With the recent release of GTA Online's massive Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, Rockstar has added a whole lot of content to the game making it easy for players to get a tad lost, or simply misinformed.


The update's main draw is the new black market mechanic, wherein players can become the CEOs of their own criminal organisations and gain wealth by selling and buying illegal merchandise. This involves ferrying crates of contraband from your warehouses to drop-off points, during which you can be attacked by NPC enemies and other players.

Unfortunately, the "other players" part includes those pathetic juvenile Hydra griefers who simply blow you up because that's the only way they can get off or something. Of course, there are ways to fight and avoid these bastards, but it may be hard to do while ferrying crates.


Some of the not too favorable public opinions about the DLC stem from unrealistic expectations and misinformation. We've tried to collect a few basic tips in a previous article to combat any inconvenience players might suffer, however some things have only recently come to light.

While the go-to method of playing in a safe haven away from the griefers is to fiddle with the internet until you land into a public lobby of your own, some players might find this to be too much of a hassle.


A frequently used tactic that we've been seeing in GTA Online is that players use Lester's "off the radar" service. Yeah, like I said, "we've seen". The issue here is that while this service hides the player's blip and name from the map, the blip of the crates themselves, ergo the things that attract griefers like flies are attracted by dogshit, stay on the map.

That, plus even if it would work, the griefers could just drop change and have Lester reveal you just as easily. However, there is a simple, if expensive solution.


VIPs and CEOs have the special "hide organisation" ability, which is basically the same thing, except it hides all members of your corporation and your crates as well. Granted, this ability is significantly more pricey than Off the Radar is, but when you're trafficking several thousand dollars worth of goods in a GTA Online lobby with griefers abound, it is more than worth the investment.

Have you had any luck running successful crate missions in griefer ridden GTA Online lobbies?

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