GTA Online After Hours Content Roadmap

Grand Theft Auto Online just received a huge content drop in the form of "After Hours", the highly anticipated nightclub DLC , but we already have a rough idea of what is to come.

For years now Rockstar has employed a DLC series structure, with weeks worth of smaller additions coming after a major release. Called drip-feed, these smaller updates serve to tide players over between bigger DLCs.

And now we have some info about what kind of content to expect from the After Hours' drip-feed, both from Rockstar themselves as well as data-miners who dug into the code and files of the new update. Here's what we know so far:


Official info regarding drip-feed only covers resident DJs. Rockstar has partnered with four well known artists to bring us After Hours and a new radio station, however that partnership goes further - all four artists make actual cameo appearances in-game and can perform at your venue.

Of Solomun, Dixon, Tale of Us and The Black Madonna, currently only Solomun is available for hire, but Rockstar has laid out the release dates of each of the other artists. Coming up next is Tale of Us on the 31st of July, followed by Dixon and last but not least The Black Madonna on August 7th and 14th, respectively.

Data mining has revealed info on the vehicle side of things, with several unreleased vehicles files being present in the After Hours download.

Release dates for these are unknown as of yet, but we do know a thing or two about the vehicles themselves, and one isn't as cheery as the others.

The most mundane of the leaked items is an updated Maibatsu Penumbra, sporting liveries. The other two are more interesting, with one being an as of yet unnamed - possibly called the Strikeforce - aircraft based on the real-life Warthog, an iconically so-ugly-its-pretty warplane.

The most... troubling vehicle to be leaked is one that will make us think of the time when Hydras were used to terrorize players as the "good old days".

The Oppressor is getting an upgraded V2 variant with countermeasures and a lock-on/damage buff to its missiles, which will make freemode in GTA Online an absolute killing field. Time for everyone to retreat into solo lobbies?

If you want to excel at After Hours' new take on GTA Online businesses and be able to afford all of this awesome new content easily, check out our guide.

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