GTA devs hint at the future of GTA Online

Few live-service titles remain profitable after being on the market for more than a few years. Even fewer can survive a disastrous launch.

The future is bright for GTA Online.

However, GTA Online managed to overcome the odds and become one of Rockstar Games' most profitable properties. To date, GTA Online brings in hundreds of millions in revenue for Take-Two, with millions of players logging in excitedly to check out the latest updates/a>.

But, in video game years, GTA Online is getting up there in age. It's one of the oldest live-service games that's still available to play on the market, which is probably why players are starting to wonder about what Rockstar has planned for the franchise next.


To that end, we've got good news.

Rockstar North design director, Scott Butchard, recently sat down with GamesRadar to talk about the game's journey thus far. More importantly, Butchard gave fans a glimpse of Grand Theft Auto's future.

According to Butchard, nobody in the studio predicted the game's longevity, saying "the success of GTA Online is nothing we ever expected." Butchard added that Rockstar's goal is still to "make sure GTA Online updates are free and accessible to everyone." Finally, he gave fans something to look forward to later this year, saying that last year's alien war event was on the studio's mind when it designed this year's Halloween event.

GTA Online has been instrumental in helping GTA 5 become the second-best-selling title of all time.

Rockstar's commitment to GTA Online is nothing short of amazing. It's nice to know that the people behind the game are just as excited to keep it alive as the players. With people like Butchard and lead designer, Chris Bell, behind it, GTA Online will maintain its popularity for many years.

In the meantime, fans can check out the GTA Remastered Trilogy on the Epic Games Store and Steam if they're looking to replay some of the classic GTA titles. Also, 50 Cent as well as Bryson Tiller recently teased their involvement in the next GTA game. But, it appears Fiddy's teases possibly weren't approved by Take-Two Interactive as the rapper has since taken them down.

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