New GTA 5 Combat & Customization Details

The lucky folks at CVG managed to score themselves an exclusive interview with Rockstar North - developers of Grand Theft Auto V. The interview focuses on the combat and customization aspects of GTA 5 and in it we are told a few new tidbits. You can check out the interview for yourself by watching the video at the end of this post or otherwise skip it and read our handy cheat sheet!

Gtav Gameplay Trailer


  • The personality of each character is reflected in their use of weapons and also their movements. Franklin has swag, Michael is efficient, and Trevor is aggressive/crazy.
  • There are three aiming modes: assisted, traditional and free aim. There is no hard aim lock.
  • You can make good use of cars as cover. For example, drive your car up close to the enemy, get out, and use it as cover to pick them off (Franklin did this in the gameplay video).
  • Elements from the combat engines found in Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption have been included in GTA 5. That said, it is still very much the "GTA style" combat we are used to.
  • When your character is in combat mode he will jog, giving you increased mobility.


  • For some missions you will be required to customize your vehicle in a specific way. Otherwise you can customize as you please.
  • Vehicle customization is much more in-depth than in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. There are more than 1,000 different modifications available.
  • Pay 'n' Spray is no longer in the game. Instead you need to go to a Los Santos Customs (of which there are several on the map).
  • Photos of your custom ride can be taken in-game and then uploaded to Rockstar Social Club.
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