Grand Theft Auto 6 is reportedly one step closer to launching

Technically, the more time passes by, the closer we get to the launch of Grand Theft Auto 6. It doesn't help that we get a new GTA 6 leak every week confirming this. However, fans now firmly believe that Rockstar Games is closer to finishing development on the highly anticipated mainline GTA installment than expected.

Grand Theft Auto Closer Launching
Don't get your hopes up just yet, polishing a game is a long and grueling process.

According to GTA 6 News & Leaks 2.0, various sources claim to possess information proving that GTA 6 is further along in its development than last year's leaks would indicate. It also adds that the current existing builds of GTA 6 imply that they're in a finished state already albeit lacking polishing.

Keep in mind that the leaked in-development footage from last year showed us a sandbox game that's early in its development. Tez2, the most reliable of the current sources, claims otherwise.


Tez2 explains that the files for "bankrelease", "beta", and "debug", are proof that Rockstar is working on polishing GTA 6 to make sure that it looks and plays well, whenever it's released.

Grand Theft Auto Closer Launching
Rockstar Games can take as long as it needs to make GTA 6 the best game it can possibly be.

As a multi-platform game with a presumed online multiplayer component, GTA 6 will take a long time to perfect and optimize. It wouldn't surprise us if Rockstar took at least two years to get GTA 6 across the finish line, if not longer. Keep in mind that GTA 6 will be out on the PC, Xbox Series S/X, and the PS5. Rockstar will need to make sure that it minimizes the technical issues that GTA 6 might face at launch.

All things considered, a nearly complete build of GTA 6 would suggest that a reveal trailer is imminent. This is in line with a recent report saying that GTA 6 could be out by 2025.

Ray Ampoloquio
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