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Gerald's Last Play Available Now In GTA Online Alongside Bonuses


Rockstar has a habit of keeping things under wraps until the very last moment and things weren't any different with Grand Theft Auto Online's latest DLC, Gerald's Last Play. The new content is available now in-game, alongside your standard serving of weekly bonuses and discounts.

The new content focuses on the titular Gerald, a member of The Families gang operating out of Grove Street. Gerald acts as a new Contact for your GTA Online character and will offer six narratively driven missions for you to tackle either alone or with the help of up to three other players.

Other gangs in Los Santos have started to make moves on Families territory and law enforcement is restless too. Gerald needs your help to secure The Families' superiority without impacting on-going criminal enterprises such as drug-dealing.

Gerald's Last Stand includes six brand new Contact Missions:

  • Make Ends Meat - A rival gang is operating out of an abandoned slaughterhouse. You need to shut them down and steal their cook sheet from their safe.
  • Go Figure - A rival dealer started smuggling cocaine inside collectible action figures, which are being transported in a van. Recover the van and its cargo.
  • Fast Peddling - A Biker gang is undercutting Gerald's businesses. Steal their product from their warehouse.
  • Deal With It - A drug deal went south, but Gerald placed a tracker on the product making it easier to recover. Problem is, other gangs and the police can also track it. Race to grab the stolen product and shake off the cops.
  • Bad Companies - Gerald wants to eliminate a rival gang leader. Lure out the target from their hiding spot.
  • End Product - Gerald's biggest deal is about to go down. Make sure everything goes smoothly.

To celebrate the release of this new content, all Contact Missions - Gerald's new ones included - are paying out double GTA$ and RP all week, giving you even more reason to take the new content for a spin.

Executives are getting a bunch of bonuses too, as are their employees. CEO and VIP Work & Challenges are offering double rewards this week, while Associates and Bodyguards have had their salaries tripled. Open Wheel Races are also paying out triple in GTA$ and RP.

This week's vehicle prize on the Lucky Wheel over at the Diamond Casino & Resort is the Karin Sultan Classic, a fan favorite vehicle. If you manage to snag the ride, it comes pre-customized with the Karin Performance Livery.

Rockstar also went all out with discounts this week, not only in terms of selection but in terms of magnitude. Executive Offices, Executive Garages and Large Special Cargo Warehouses are half price, while all of their customization options are 60% off. You can also grab the legendary Armored Kuruma for 70% off, and the Ocelot R88 has been discounted by 25%.


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