Franklin’s Voice Actor Post Points to Single Player DLC?

Shawn Fonteno, the guy who played the voice of Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V, just posted the picture you can see embedded below along with the words “COMING SOON…”

Not only does this mean that Rockstar Games taught him extremely well (LOL), it might also mean that we are indeed set to receive some news about the much anticipated single player DLC for GTA 5. As we recently covered, the DLC has been promised and discussed by Rockstar before, however some other recent announcements have also thrown the whole thing up in the air. In short, we don’t know if story mode DLC is almost here or not.

If Fonteno’s post is anything to go by, we could be about to get some info at the E3 Expo that runs June 16 to June 18. The GTA V side of the internet is literally blowing up over this one ambiguous post, so fingers crossed, otherwise there is gonna be a TON of disappointed gamers!


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Trevor Phillips
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