Fake GTA 5 Story DLC Leaks Appear Again

Considering how common these were some months ago, we're actually surprised things were this quite for such a long time. During the entire later half of last year, as well as the early months of 2016, GTA related journalism practically thrived on fake leak stories being posted, referenced, re-referenced, back-linked and re-re-referenced in a criss-cross pattern by the same handful of websites.



Of course, all of these turned out to be fake. Even one of the voice actors for a GTA 5 protagonist, namely Shawn Fonteno who played Franklin Clinton tried to once again play the community for fools, this time by recruiting the voice actor of CJ from San Andreas to help him in his little facade. Since then, the relative number of single-player DLC "leaks" has dropped significantly - considering that in the autumn/winter of 2015, we had more than one per week.


But all good things must come to an end. Yet another blatantly fake story DLC "leak" has been making the rounds, getting the hopes of gullible fans up over nothing. We've seen some shoddily made fake leaks in the past. While this doesn't number among the worst of them, it is a pretty poor attempt.

From the Newswire post announcing Story DLC.

Let's start this off that the whole leak is based on alleged screenshots and details being shared by a leaker with some journalist - who then reported on the leak but neglected to show any evidence, such as the mentioned screenshots. Then this report promptly disappeared once the news of the leak picked up.

As the story goes, a YouTuber called "XXII" shared with one of the writers of a Greek news site some photographic evidence of upcoming Story DLC. This update would greatly expand the map of the game, adding new continents with the cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro as playable areas.


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The story wouldn't follow Michael, Trevor or Franklin as originally planned, nor any established GTA character. Rather, an all new protagonist by the name of Anthony Miller would be controlled by the players. The DLC would also have added a number of new features to the game, such as opening the Casino (we've already covered why that won't happen) and include a horse-racing and betting minigame. Both of these would have played major parts in the story.

Now, all of this would be dandy, but it's bleeding from quite a few gaps. Major Story DLC like this would require a lengthy development schedule - with new continents, new story, extra voice work and so on - which simply hasn't been facilitated. Before 2016, there has been a steady stream of large-scale content next to which this project wouldn't have been possible.


there has been a quite period in the past months, but not enough to warrant for such large-scale content. Also, let's not forget the major GTA Online DLC on its way, which also took time to develop.

We've already mentioned that the Casino isn't ever going to open and considering that the real-life Anthony Miller is a high profile football player in the US, Rockstar probably isn't looking for yet another lawsuit against them like the one Lindsay Lohan is pulling.

Add to all this that GTA Online is generating stupid amounts of profit, Rockstar wouldn't spend tons of resources on a major single-player DLC only the fraction of the player-base will buy, when they can spend the same resources on countless mid-to-large GTA Online updates that will drive up Shark Card sales - not that they need to be driven any higher.


Would you have liked to see this particular GTA 5 story DLC, or are the alleged features not to your liking?

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