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Devonte Green Sports GTA San Andreas Cheat Code Tattoo

Indiana Hoosiers' point guard Devonte Green has a number of geeky tattoos, but the one referencing Grand Theft Auto is, in our unbiased opinion, without a doubt his best.

Basketball players are usually in motion when in the court, so making out finer details (like a string of symbols on the back of a player's upper arm) can be difficult. However, a recently circulated photo of Green has caught this tattoo clear as day.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the product of a simpler time in gaming. Back then, we all had our little cheat sheets with the button combinations roughly scribbled out, having gained this information not from a complete database online (which we have by the way), but from our friends on the schoolyard.

San Andreas remains to this day one of the most popular GTA titles, and considering we're talking about one of the top grossing video game franchises of all time, that's saying something. Professional basketball player Devonte Green has even tattooed a cheat code from the game onto his arm.

It's the infinite ammo cheat, to be specific. This is fitting, since he's a shooter - an obscure but clever pun.

No doubt Green was and likely still is a GTA fan and many an hour of his youth was spent playing as CJ in San Andreas. The athlete sports a number of other tattoos as well, including one that references the anime and manga franchise Naruto, and another which pays homage to Super Mario. The GTA tattoo in question, however, was first spotted by Twitter user LakeShowYo.

GTA: San Andreas with cheats activated.

While using a cheat code may not be the first thing when you think of getting a tattoo, or even a video game tattoo, his position on the court adds a layer of meaning to this tattoo. We wonder if he's active in GTA Online.

For a full list of GTA San Andreas cheats, including the infinite ammo cheat, click here. It's easier to read than Green's arm!


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