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Bravado Gauntlet Classic Muscles Its Way Into GTA Online

An all new car has (technically) sped into Grand Theft Auto Online this week. That's alongside double reward promotions, a log-in reward, a new car to be won from the Lucky Wheel and a set of fresh discounts. Players who did their work and progressed through the Diamond Program can also expect to get their rewards soon.

The new Bravado Gauntlet Classic is a vehicle of the past, with enough power to secure its place in the present. This legendary muscle car is a must-have for car collectors and anyone who prefers the strong features of its design over the sleek curves of most modern hypercars. This testosterone-bomb of a car can be yours starting today for GTA$ 615,00. A steal, really.

While most of you probably don't need to grind much for an expense that small, if it's an unexpected one you still needn't worry about your finances - earn back the price and make a profit in no time with 2x RP and GTA$ on all Casino Work. To make the most of your efforts, check out our guide.

Bodyguards and Associates also earn double salaries this week, so send out your CVs to get hired by any enterprising CEO or VIP who needs a bit of extra protection.

Players logging in this week will unlock yet another piece of exclusive Diamond Casino & Resort merchandise. Simply firing up GTA Online will add the limited issue clothing item to your in-game wardrobe. Represent while playing at the tables.

Speaking of the Diamond, there is a new car on offer at the Lucky Wheel. If you manage to hit the vehicle prize with one of your 7 spins this week - or more if you use the glitch - then you'll be the proud new owner of a Pegassi Infernus Classic, a beautiful retro supercar.

While you're already spending time at the Diamond, drop by the casino store to peruse the new clothing items and artwork that have been added this week. New stylings for your High Roller Jacket, new waistcoats or fancy masks if you want to dissociate from your addition are available.

A wide range of vehicles and properties are on sale this week. Grab any Garage for 30% off in case you're running out of space to store your vehicles, and hire Arena War Mechanics at 35% off. On top of all this, there is a 40% price reduction on Mobile Operations Centers, the Mammoth Avenger, the Benefactor Terrorbyte, the BF Dune FAV, the Declasse Weaponized Tampa, the HVY APC, as well as Weponzied Vehicle Workshops and Weapon Workshops.

If you qualified for one of the reward tiers of the Diamond Program, you can expect to receive your rewards by the 13th of August latest. Note that you won't get them directly, they will just be marked as Free in their respective stores. For a detailed rundown of the rewards, check out this post.

Tune in next week to find out which car will be on the podium!


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