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AMD Users Still Experiencing Issues With GTA V

It seems like GTA V is to AMD what Batman: Arkham Knight was to Nvidia... and AMD. Players running GTA V on rigs with AMD GPUs have been experiencing a number of graphical issues that their Nvidia using counterparts weren't - nor were console gamers - for quite some time now. This is despite both current-gen consoles running AMD hardware.


The GTA V issue got so out of hand that when AMD released a top ten list of the main issues that their newest wave of shiny and crispy Crimson drivers would solve, the GTA V issues were among them.

However, the aforementioned shiny and crispy Crimson drivers ended up not fixing the issues with GTA V. In fact, they all but introduced new issues, while making the already existing partial blackness graphics glitch became worse for many players.


AMD also released an unrelated patch around this time which allegedly fixed the heating issues many of their GPUs were suffering from by allowing more power to be directed to the fans (as in the spinny bits that cool the card down, not the people with copious amounts of brand loyalty).

As the issues persisted, droves of angry players took to the internet to voice their concerns. Some player fixed the issues by reverting to an older version of Direct X. Others solved it by updating to the newest version of Direct X. Most didn't solve it at all.

Then, after yet another driver update, the issues were seemingly gone.


Then, after yet another driver update, the issues returned in full force.

Less than a whole day ago, a number of posts began cropping up on GTA V related subreddits wherein AMD users complain of issues after the latest driver update, and the attached screenshots are hauntingly familiar.

Any AMD users experiencing this while playing GTA V?


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