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You Can Now Play GTA V In Your Browser


GTA V on PC was the last version to be released following the initial launch on last-gen consoles and then the belated release on current-gen consoles. While the game's outing on desktops carried with it a number of bonuses, such as the Rockstar Editor (which might be heading to current-gen consoles in a limited fashion) and mod support, the one most people seem to bring up is the significant visual superiority. However, you do need a pretty damn beefy PC to run GTA V on the higher settings, and not everyone has a 980 in their machines.

But what if you didn't need to have top of the line hardware? Well, you can find out right now! The developer of a video communication app called Instant Webcam has reverse-engineered his own code to create a game-streaming program which, seemingly by accident, turned out to surpass the developers expectations greatly.

Jsmpeg-vnc, as the creator has dubbed his wonder-program, is absolutely free and open-source, meaning you can try it out right now without paying a dime, and even review its source-code. The tiny program was put together in C, and can stream games at 60 fps to any browser. Basically, the program converts the captured game footage into a MPEG1 format, which it streams online. Then you take the device of your choosing, and simply hop on the stream from the device's browser through WebSockets. The only hardware requirement on the receiving end is something strong enough to run JavaScript, which is used to decode the stream. Honestly, nowadays you'd be hard pressed to find anything not capable of that.

To top things off, the program can also detect input from the receiving device, so you can control GTA V from the machine you are watching the stream on. Now, all of this is well and good, but you still need a powerful machine to stream GTA V from, but if your friend or family member happens to own a beefy PC, you can now enjoy its performance too without bothering the owner!


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