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GTA San Andreas Mobile Cheats

Cheating in the mobile version of GTA San Andreas (iOS or Android).

GTA San Andreas iOS and Android Cheats

If you're looking for cheat codes to use in the mobile versions of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, we have them all. This guide will show you exactly how to use the cheats, including the "secret" mobile only codes. Just be aware that it's not as simple as on other platforms.


: Android, iOS, Windows Phone. 


: 60 seconds.
  1. Add A Keyboard To Your Phone

    Using GTA cheats on mobile isn't as straight forward as it is on consoles and PC. You need to connect an external keyboard to your phone via bluetooth or USB, or download a third-party app that allows you to access a virtual keyboard while playing the game (for example, Hacker's Keyboard). Hacker's Keyboard is a free app that you can download on mobile and set it as your default keyboard. Once set as a default keyboard, it can be accessed by tapping on the Hacker's Keyboard notification icon while in-game (by sliding down from the top of the screen). This will make the keyboard show up in-game, where you can type in your cheat codes.

  2. Save The Game

    Create a new save file before you start using these cheats. Since Achievements will be disabled by entering any cheat code, it's important to keep a "clean" save for the future.

  3. Choose The Code

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas features a large number of cheats, each with various different effects. Pick and mix the cheats you like best from our PC list as well as the mobile only codes below.

  4. Input The Code

    You activate cheats by entering in the relevant letter combination, using your external or software keyboard, during regular gameplay. There is no need to pause the game.

  5. Cheat Active

    The prompt that you will see (if you followed these steps correctly) will confirm that the cheat has been activated. If you don't see it, you should repeat the steps above.

Note: Some cheats may not function perfectly in the mobile port of GTA: SA. If the screen starts spinning, simply pinch and zoom to stop it.

GTA San Andreas Cheats for iOS, Android and Windows Mobiles

Below is the complete list of the additional "secret" cheat codes that only work on the mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (more info). You can also use any of the PC version cheats in the mobile version.

  • Full Invincibility: "GONPXWR
    Makes you totally invulnerable to anything within the game, even bullets, drowning, etc.

  • Weapon Set 4: "BIEUHQY"
    Gives you the minigun, thermal goggles and a sex toy. Re-enter the code and your thermal googles will become night vision goggles.

  • Complete Current Mission: "BYIXZIY"
    Completes the missions you are currently on. Just note it doesn't work for all missions.

  • Skip 4 Hours Time: "YACKMWS"
    Skips you time ahead in-game by exactly 4 hours.

  • Show Mappings: "KRRIHBT"
    Shows the the mobile interface for the game (ie controls).

  • Show Tap To Target: "MIZYXHZ"
    No discernible effect.

  • Show Targeting: "JQFUDUB"
    Shows "status text" above your character's head as well as colored bars above PEDS.

  • Stats Changer: "XBOX_HELPER"
    Changes various in-game stats: money spent on tattoos, times Carl has been busted, and pedestrians wasted. Complete each action one more time and the relevant Achievement would be unlocked (if cheats didn't disable Achievements).

Frequently Asked Questions

My iOS device isn't recognizing my USB keyboard, what should I do?

This occurs when you are using an uncertified lightning to USB adapter. For Apple devices, it is highly recommended that you use original equipment, as most third-party equipment is unrecognized by Apple products. You can buy the official lightning to USB 3 camera adapter to connect your USB keyboard. It also comes with a charging port that can help power the keyboard (in case of lack of power).

Can I use a bluetooth keyboard with my iOS device?

Yes, you can. Many Bluetooth keyboards are supported by iOS. The most common and reliable one is the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard.

How can I get Hacker's Keyboard on my iOS device?

You cannot. Hacker's Keyboard is only available for Android. To get something remotely similar to Hacker's Keyboard, you would have to jailbreak your iOS device.


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  1. @garaay,
    What do you mean? Mobile is set up so you use your phone or tablet's built-in touch keypad. You don't need an external one, unless you wanted to use one. They sell cheap ones for mobile gaming on Amazon.

  2. @digitalDrifter_21,
    Yeah it is still only $7. On Android at least. Not sure if the price is different for iOs.

    The cheat codes work perfectly, btw. In case you wanted to make sure before you bought it. I had no issues using boom's list.

  3. I had no idea that mobile cheats worked for San Andreas! I was going to buy it a few months ago but wasn't sure how it would be without the cheats. Now that I know it works, going to have to get it. I think it is still just $7 which is not bad. I like to have something on my phone to mess with when I am stuck waiting somewhere. Thanks for the cheats!

  4. No cheats are working i bought it from play store the screen is spinning eveytime can ypu please help and when i click on the hackers keyboard the game automatically pauses

  5. Gta san andreas This app is not working on my phone I don't know what is wrong with the cheater it is showing me old vision update if I try to update it will still showing me the same thing I need help

    1. it disturbs on android 11 and 12
      Go on youtube and watch on how to install it on version 11/12 devices

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