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Rockstar is changing GTA Online's Shark Card values

Shark Cards in GTA Online have been one of the essential components of the game, aiding many players in getting ahead of their peers when it comes to starting their online criminal empire.

Shark Cards are the premium currency of GTA Online and can be purchased using real money. The Shark Cards are converted into in-game GTA$ that players can use to purchase in-game items such as vehicles, weapons, properties, and businesses.

Now, it seems that Shark Cards are getting a complete overhaul, with the changes taking effect on December 9, 2022. Rockstar will also cease offering Red Shark Cards.

Rockstar's Support site recently published an article mentioning all the changes coming to the existing values of Shark Cards. While Red Shark Cards will cease to exist, all other GTA Online Shark Cards will have a positive outcome for players.

All Shark Cards (both standard and GTA+) will see an increase in the amount of GTA$ they offer. Rockstar's Support site shared the values as follows:

Those who have already purchased Red Shark cards previously don't have to worry, though, as you'll still be able to claim your GTA$ them at the original stated value. Any existing Red Shark Cards will continue to have a value of GTA$ 100,000, and GTA+ Red Shark Cards will be valued at GTA$ 115,000.

Some players might continue to see the old Shark Card values in game. If that happens, Rockstar advises players to restart the game and ensure that it is up to date.


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