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Level 360 player discovers a nifty GTA Online racing trick

Regardless of who "discovered" this racing trick, it's still pretty amazing how much detail Rockstar Games put into GTA 5.

It appears that Grand Theft Auto Online players aren't always busy turning over every rock to look for clues about Grand Theft Auto 6. Some are actually trying to have fun. Case in point, a veteran player who, after reaching the enviable level 360, has discovered a new life-changing trick in the game.

The Reddit user, u/BigStonks29, stumbled upon a highly useful trick upon hitting level 360 and decided to share this discovery in the GTA Online subreddit.

This trick, which is quite a game-changer, allows players to perform a flat spin with cars in the air, all by pressing the handbrake button and steering to the left or right. This newfound technique ensures smoother landings, and better stunts, and reduces the risk of flipping their vehicles.

Despite spending hundreds of hours and achieving higher levels than BigStonks29, a lot of users confessed they had no idea about this flat-spinning trick. This led some to wonder if there are other maneuvers in GTA Online left to discover.

However, some pointed out that it's not like Rockstar Games didn't bother teaching players this move. Specifically, this kind of maneuver, sometimes referred to as "flat spinning", was one of the many things taught in Grand Theft Auto 5 during the early parts of the game when racing with Lamar.

Ironically, the post by the same user went up shortly after a popular GTA YouTuber, TGG, uploaded a video titled, "101 Tips Every GTA Online Player Should Know."

In the said video, the YouTuber talks about the same thing, teaching players this useful trick.

GTA Online continues to surprise players with "hidden" features a decade into its release.

Whether or not this is a coincidence remains unclear, but it's safe to say that GTA Online is still one of the most popular games around. Thanks to the constant updates from Rockstar and the wealth of user-created stunt races, GTA Online continues to provide endless possibilities for enjoyment, fun, and discovery.

In the other GTA news, GTA 5 is back on the menu for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. What's said is that this only applies to the console and cloud versions of the popular subscription service. Once again, PC gamers are left on the outside looking in.


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