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New GTA V Vehicles Found In Code


With the GTA V rumor mill practically living off snippets of info that players have mined from the game's code, this story should come as no surprise. Coming from a seasoned GTA V data miner, it seems that references to 12 new cars have been found in the game's code since the 1.28 update.


Other than the bug fixes and new content we players get to see with each update, most of what the updates are about happen behind the scenes. These patches don't only bring in changes with themselves, but also prepare the game and the code for the next update. Each GTA V content update has a identifier which is used in the code, which is basically programming shorthand. The code-name for Ill-Gotten Gains Parts I and II was "LUXE", due to the theme of the DLC being luxurious items. The new vehicles were found linked to a new code-name of a yet unannounced update. This new code-name is "LOW", and might be a reference to the style of vehicles we will be seeing, specifically "lowrider" themed cars.  Another theory is that Rockstar is prepping a polar opposite to Ill-Gotten Gains, and will be releasing something along the lines of a "lowlife" DLC. Both theories seem logical. Based on the focus Rockstar put into clothes, tattoos and weapon engravings, we can customize our character to the extreme, so if the Lowrider DLC would add hydraulics, DIY painjobs, spinning rims and the like to GTA Online, we'd get to personalize our vehicles to a similar extent.

On the flip side, after not one but two Ill-Gotten Gains updates for GTA Online draining everyone's coffers, a Lowlife DLC catering to a tighter budget would also be welcome. If you take a look at the list of the cars that will be added, then this seems like the more possible option, as we will be seeing some cheap rides that return from previous games.

  • 0x95466bdb = faction2
  • 0x866bce26 = faction3
  • 0x710a2b9b = moonbeam2
  • 0x86618eda = primo2
  • 0x0d4ea603 = sabregt2
  • 0xca62927a = virgo2
  • 0x00fdffb0 = virgo3
  • 0xaed64a63 = chino2
  • 0x779b4f2d= clean voodoo
  • 0xc397f748 = buccaneer2
  • 0x94da98ef = tornado5
  • 0x42bc5e19 = slamvan3

Are you guys looking forward to this mysterious "LOW" DLC?


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