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Leaker teases Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement later this month

We wouldn't put it past Rockstar Games to troll us with this year's Halloween event.

Technically, Rockstar Games has announced GTA 6. Take-Two Interactive has even acknowledged the game, saying that it will set "creative benchmarks" for the entire industry.

But, there's a difference between telling us that a game is in development and showing progress with an official trailer. The latter is what fans want to see from Rockstar Games, especially now that GTA 6 footage is already out in the wild following last month's hacking incident.

If we believe recent rumors, it might only be a few weeks before we get more GTA 6 news.

Popular Rockstar leaker, Tez2, recently doubled down on his earlier intel from August. At the time, Tez2 teased that this year's GTA Online Halloween event will eventually lead to a GTA 6 announcement. Back then, Tez2 didn't outright confirm that this is happening, saying that there's only a "high chance" that we'll see GTA 6 revealed.

Because of the recent leaks, it's understandable that Tez2 would backtrack. Instead, Tez2 speculated further, saying that this year's Halloween event will start on the 15th after which a "Fort Zancudo UFO, unlike the normal UFO model, will appear on Sunday, 23 October 22.

UFOs and conspiracy theories are par for the course for the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Take this information as you will. Rockstar Games has always had plans for Grand Theft Auto Online for the Halloween season. The only question now is if it will be related to GTA 6.

Thankfully, it's only a matter of weeks before Halloween. Fingers crossed, whatever Tez2 is saying comes true.


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