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Laser Weapons Added To GTA Online

Once again, Grand Theft Auto Online takes a baseball bat to realism - or, rather, a shot of weaponized light. The first drip-feed DLC of 2019 is off to a banging start. A pair of high-powered laser weapons have been added to the game alongside a number of ways to earn extra GTA$ and various discounts.

The Republican Space Rangers are one of the many in-universe jokes of GTA 5, and these two weapons take inspiration from them. The Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker weapons are futuristic firearms that look like the sort of thing Starship Troopers would use to fry bugs. These beam weapons are available from Ammu-Nation and have no unlock prerequisites.

The weapons, as you may expect, are horribly overpowered. They take regular ammo, but do not require reloading meaning you can fire off all of your ammo stockpiles in one go. Their damage and fire rate is also way above anything else in the game. That said, as annoying as they might become in PvP, they will make heists much easier.

This week's double GTA$ and RP promotions include an extension on all Arena War modes as well as the addition of three others. These are Hasta La Vista, Vehicle Vendetta and Vespucci Job, all of which are united in their focus on vehicular prowess. You can also earn some more cash with Bikers sell missions, which pay out double.

On that note, all Bikers Businesses are 35% off this week in case you want to break into the dirtiest of the illegal trades. Additional discounts include 30% off on Facilities, the Dewbauchee Vagner, the Mammoth Thruster, the Ocelot Stromberg, the Pegassi Zentorno and 35% off on the Grotti X80 Proto, the Mammoth Hydra, the Nagasaki Shotaro, the Weeny Issi Classic and the Mammoth Avenger.

For a full-on sci-fi look, you could buy the discounted Thruster jetpack while wielding one of the new laser weapons. Check back next week to see if GTA Online goes even further off the rails.


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