How to get custom license plates in GTA Online (License Plate Creator Guide)

A feature that should have been in GTA Online since its release is finally here, and car enthusiasts couldn't be happier. Just a week after being announced, Rockstar Games has introduced an online web-based License Plate Creator that you can use to create and customize vanity plates in GTA Online.

Those looking to personalize their vehicle can now visit the official License Plate Creator tool. The online tool allows you to create up to 30 different custom license plates and order them, which will then show up later in your game. You can do this via desktop or mobile phone web browsers.


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GTA Online players have many vehicle customization options available in-game via Los Santos Customs and other means that have been added through various updates over the years. However, the one thing which the players couldn't customize freely was their vehicle license plates. Until now.

The new License Plate Creator allows you to create custom plates by designing the text, color, city, and even the background of your plate. Rockstar is looking to update its library of plate designs, with some possibly only available for GTA+ members.

Here's a step-by-step guide on creating your custom License Plate in GTA Online.

How to create a custom license plate in GTA Online

  • First, visit the official License Plate Creator website.
  • Log in using your Rockstar Games Social Club credentials.
  • You will get an option to start a "New Order." Click on it to start creating your custom license plate.
  • Create your personalized license plate. You can use up to 8 characters. Both numbers and letters are allowed.
  • Once you are satisfied, click on "Next."
  • On the next screen, you must assign the plate to one of your recently used vehicles from a drop-down menu. Choose one and confirm your order.
  • When in-game, go to the nearest Los Santos Customs in your chosen personal vehicle to fit the new license plate.
  • You will receive a text message confirming you can get your custom plate.
  • Upon entering Los Santos Customs, you will automatically get an option to "Process App Order" for free.
  • Select it, and the plate will be applied to your vehicle.

If you didn't get the option or a text message about the custom license plate, go back to the website, 'Edit' the custom license plate and then re-order it. You cannot create another custom license plate until you've installed the one you've created on the website.

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