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Heist Month Begins In GTA Online This Week

Nov Bonuses

Halloween only just ended, but the pumpkins and scary costumes are already packed away as far as Rockstar Games is concerned. While the real world is already decorating for the holiday season despite it being absurdly soon for that, Grand Theft Auto Online is gearing up for an entirely different celebration - it's Heist Month.

With this first week of Heist Month, we get a taste of the bonuses we can expect throughout November as part of this event which is crammed with crime and rife with risk. Take a trip down memory lane to the heists that started it all - The Fleeca Job, Prison Break, Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding, and The Pacific Standard Job - which represented the definitive GTA Online endgame for years upon years, and still have a respectable place in the game. By the way, we have comprehensive guides to completing each one right here.

Not only do all of these original heists pay out double all week long, skyrocketing them back up to the top of the earning ladder they once ruled, but completing any finale during this week will also earn you a lump sum bonus of GTA$ 500,000 on top of your earnings.

Additionally, any players completing The Fleeca Job at any point this week will unlock a free Fleeca Circuit livery for the Übermacht Cypher. While that wraps up all the goodies related to the heists themselves, there's more on the menu this week.

Nov Bonuses

For the first time, the Dinka Veto Classic and Modern go-karts are now accessible in the Race Creator, allowing you to further customize your custom tracks and build new ones themed entirely after go-karting. We expect a bevy Mario Kart inspired tracks after this.

Another week means a new rotation of activities that have been put on a weekly cycle to reduce bloat in GTA Online. Returning temporarily are Motor Wars, Drop Zone, Entourage, and Special Vehicle Races, all of which are now paying out double GTA$ and RP for their duration.

Auto Shop Client Jobs are also dishing out double rewards this week, so jump into some Deliveries and Exotic Exports to make a bit of cash on the side. You'll also unlock a free Karin tee automatically just by logging into the game.

Don't have an Übermacht Cypher to slap that free livery on, all you need to do is win this week's Prize Ride Challenge and the car will be yours. On the Test Track, you can take the Annis ZR350, Karin Futo GTX, and Karin Previon out for a spin, and the Lampadati Casco is spinning on the Diamond's podium.

Nov Bonuses

Night Vision Goggles and Night Vision Masks are both available for free this week, so head on over to Vespucci Movie Masks to grab yours. Ammu-Nation is holding a major sale with 30% off on all weapons and half-price body armor.

High End Apartments as well as their upgrades and customizations are all 40% off this week, and that same discount applies to the Karin Kuruma (Armored), the Karin Technical, the JoBuilt Velum 5-Seater, the HVY Insurgent, the HVY Insurgent Pick-up, the Savage, the Buckingham Valkyrie and the Mammoth Hydra.


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