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GTA V Meets The New Ghostbusters

For all intents and purposes, there is an actual zombie apocalypse going on in Hollywood. It has been going on for a few years now. Long dead film franchises are constantly rising from the grave as rotten and horrific husks of their former selves. It is this tendency of re-using ideas that Merfish pokes fun at in his most recent GTA V fan video. Merfish has built up quite the reputation for himself in the Rockstar Editor community with his over-the-top, crude and satirical parody remakes of TV intro sequences and big-budget movie trailers.

The Merfish flavor of humor is the one where excessive violence, uncalled-for turds and dildos are featured prominently. It may not be everyone's preferred flavor, but Merfish pulls it off in such a way that it just hasn't gotten old. His videos are extremely popular, with reason. Personal opinions on his sense of humor aside, the videos are extremely well made and put together. There is ample evidence of considerable attention put into the details.

Some time ago a reboot of the legendary and well loved Ghostbusters franchise was announced, with a few changes to the tried and true formula of the older films. The new take wouldn't re-tell the same stories with a new coat of paint, but continue on from the originals with a new cast of characters.

The new Ghostbusters film picks up 30 years after the events of the last one, with an entirely new team. The difference? They're all women. You'll excuse us if we don't open the particularly toxic can of worms that the ensuing fan reaction and general criticisms did.

In short: people think the film... won't live up to the legacy of the originals, to say the least. Mefish's spin on the trailer reaffirms this, as literally (and we do mean literally) ever single comment at the time of writing both on the recreation itself and the side-by-side is some variation on how the parody would be a much better film and how fans would rather watch a full-length GTA V version.


This recreation suggests that Merfish has adopted a new direction in his videos. As he's dabbled in trailer recreation in the past, a pattern has emerged. While TV opening sequence recreations are usually turds galore, his trailer recreations are a tad more reserved. Make no mistake, human waste does have a prominent role in the video, however there is nary a dildo in sight.

The jokes here rather focus on the reboot tendency of Hollywood, as well as the poor quality of the film as evidenced by its trailer. Merfish has the three playable protagonists of GTA V jumping in as the titular Ghostbusters, joined by Lamar as the fourth member.


The recreation goes for a scene-for-scene recreation with certain twists, such as the mentioned use of additional violence for the sake of comedic effect. While many of the quips are easy to notice, you'll need to pay attention to catch the more elusive ones.

What big-budget Hollywood production would you want Merfish to rip on next with a GTA V recreation?


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