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GTA Online Gets New Classic Car, Another Adversary Mode

GTA Online's line-up of classic variants of popular supercars is being expanded, as is its already lengthy list of Adversary Modes. This latest interim DLC brings some treats to the table in order to tide fans over until the next major update comes some weeks or months in the future. Additionally, the selection of bonuses has been cycled as well.

The newest car to grace the garages of discerning collectors is the Grotti Cheetah Classic. Highly similar to the rendition of the car seen in the 3D era GTA games, the Cheetah Classic's design is mostly a blend of the Ferrari Testarossa and the Ferrari 512 BB. A notable characteristic is that the Cheetah Classic is the lightest of the classic vehicles in the game, and the easiest to handle.

There's a kind of charm that only comes with age, and in today's jaded world nothing's aged better than the Cheetah Classic. It's practical, spacious, understated. It oozes red-blooded panache. You open the door, and you catch the smell of brandy and cigars on its breath. It's eminently respectable, it's constantly groping its secretary, and it doesn't even feel the need to pretend it has friends from minority groups. Welcome to the old world.

In terms of speed, it isn't a pushover either, being the second quickest car in its class, and finishing just short of the Turismo Classic.

That said, the price is especially generous considering the car's performance and obvious appeal. Buying one of these beauties will only set you back GTA$ 865,000.

The newest Adversary Mode to be added to GTA Online truly embraces the "party game" mentality of these bite-sized frivolous PvP modes. Literally. Overtime Rumble is darts, but with cars. The Mode pits up to 10 players against one another in Ruiner 2000s with the task of launching themselves at, and successfully landing on, a massive scoreboard using their parachutes.

The scoreboards are separated into sections like your regular darts boards, with the closer you get to the center the more points you earn, to a maximum of 5. To celebrate the Mode's addition to the game, each match will yield double RP and GTA$ through the 17th of July.

This week's set of discounts are aimed at prospective CEOs of the GTA Online community with price cuts issued to all executive offices and associated upgrades. The Maze Bank West location is 25% off, the Arcadius Business Center office is 30% off, Lombank West took a 35% cut, whereas Maze Bank Towers tops it all off with a 40% discount.

Additionally, Executive Office Garages, the custom auto shop addon, the renovations for the garage and renovations for the auto shop are all 25% off to help you accessorize on a budget. This cycle's set of discounts is a tad lighter than usual, but it can also be said that the discounted items are more practical than the average deal.

Check back on the 18th to get the scoop on the next set of bonuses, and possible minor DLC.


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