GTA Online Gets Grotti Turismo Classic

The DLC car we've all been waiting for ever since the three add-ons for the Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit were announced has now been added to GTA Online's ever-growing lineup. In a surprising turn of events however, the car has arrived alone, sans the company of an Adversary Mode as previously expected.

The Grotti Turismo Classic continues a line of retro supercars being added to GTA Online, much to the joy of vehicle collectors. The car's non-classic form was last seen on the streets of GTA IV, with a vehicle similar to this classic version last appearing in GTA San Andreas.


The current iteration of the car greatly resembles the version seen in San Andreas, however Rockstar has gone over it with a fine brush and not only given us a car more than worthy of GTA 5's visuals, but they upgraded the design as well. Even though both this car and the Infernus Classic represent retro sensibilities, "retro" is a wide term encompassing ever more style types as time passes.

This is one for the purists. No hi-tech driving aids. No smart safety features. When you're three nanoseconds away from getting a mouthful of the truck in front, no onboard supercomputer is going to save you. But just like learning a language or killing a stranger with your bare hands, this kind of hard work is its own reward.

While not bubbly with random curves on every surface like the bodywork of many modern supercars, nor quite as boxy as the Infernus Classic, the Turismo Classic offers an interesting in-between. The shaping of the car, both as a whole and on individual elements, is a wonder to behold. The gentle curves of the hood steadily arch upward until they disappear downwards at the end, while the chassis bends outwards starting near the midsection of the car and reaches backwards to meld with the side.

The design of the Infernus Classic is derived from a number of older Ferrari models, notably the F40, Testarossa and 348. The stock vehicle shares most similarities with the F40 though, while some differences are noticeable on the front bumper and spoiler. Car enthusiasts will be happy to learn that customization options allow for a near 100% F40 recreation, and a different spoiler option can make it look almost entirely like a F40LM.

A main feature of the car is the fully animated pop-up headlights. When the 3D models were first leaked, a number of players called out the small size of the headlights, saying that they might as well be stationary. However, this design sensibility is the so-called "sleepy eye" headlight and highly popular among car modders and enthusiasts. Whether it appeals to you or not personally is another matter altogether.

The Turismo Classic's price tag might come as a surprise given it is not only quicker than the Infernus Classic but also the fastest car in the Sports Classic class by far, a fact discovered by testers earlier than Rockstar had most likely intended. This ride can be yours for the comparatively low price of GTA$ 705,000, as opposed to the Infernus Classic's GTA$915,000.

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The Turismo Classic features a great array of customization options, as shown in the video above, allowing players to tailor the ride to their personal tastes. Keep in mind that the vehicle will come with a stock spoiler when bought, but it can be removed at Los Santos Customs. One odd omission is suspension upgrades, leaving the car with the stock suspension no matter what you do. Some players have theorized that this has something to do with the current bug affecting the Infernus Classic and other cars.

In terms of performance, we knew everything we needed to know about this car long before it was released. Thanks to the way tunables work in this game, players could access the pre-loaded cars ahead of launch and mod them into single player sessions of GTA 5 on PC. The modders could then take the cars for a spin around the block and see which was worth dropping money on - provided they didn't think the looks to be a selling point in the first place. Because of this it became instantly apparent that the Infernus Classic would be made obsolete a week after launch thanks to the Turismo Classic, which is superior in every way.

Rockstar has also named the next premium race in rotation. Bumblebee will be on through the 10th of April, giving players plenty of time to stack up that triple RP and race for a chance to take home GTA$ 100,000. The discounts which were kicked off recently are still live today and tomorrow, however we don't know what comes next on that front.

With the release of the Turismo Classic, we've come to the end of all officially announced DLC save for Top-Down and Gunrunning, which we don't expect to drop until early Summer, or late May at the earliest. We do know about the upcoming addition of the Duke O'Death to GTA Online alongside the unlocking of all returning player content for everyone in the game, however this hasn't been officially announced and was only revealed through a leak. What we don’t know, however, is when this new content is arriving.

Oddly enough, this week didn't see the release of the Top-Down Adversary Mode, which was semi-announced back when Rockstar revealed their plans for DLC in 2017. It and Resurrection were both teased as coming alongside the vehicles described as well. True enough, we got Resurrection together with the Infernus Classic, but the Turismo Classic arrived on its own without an Adversary Mode to keep it company.

The reason for this might be that the team needed more time to work on the mode, which isn't surprising considering the mechanics it will use. Properly adapting GTA 5's control scheme, which was made to work in a 3D environment, to work with a nostalgic top-down 2D perspective must be more than a little challenging. Another possibility is that they've chopped the mode and other items into additional updates to pad things out in between major releases.

In any case, we're hoping to see the missing Adversary Mode rear its head next Tuesday. And in the meantime let's all enjoy this relatively cheap, yet extremely good looking, mighty quick classic sports car.


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