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Did GTA Online's Casino DLC Just Tease Bully 2?

While Rockstar may be best known for Grand Theft Auto, as well as Red Dead Redemption, their portfolio of games has greater breadth than these two highly successful franchises.

One such other IP is Bully, an open-world game that takes a lot of inspiration from the themes and gameplay of GTA, but transplants it into the setting of a typical British boarding school.

It's possible a hint at Bully 2 was just discovered in GTA Online.

In the recently released Diamond Casino & Resort DLC, players can purchase extravagant penthouses in the city's top gambling institution and decorate said penthouses with various works of art bought with gambling chips won (or lost) at the tables.

These artworks include masterpieces such as a classic Greek style statue that is twerking, a framed painting of the eggplant emoji that everyone uses to symbolize... something else, and most interestingly, an abstract take on the coat of arms of the Bullworth Academy.

The artwork is called "Canis Canem Edit" which is another reference to the game. The phrase is also associated with Bullworth, and the game was released under this name in certain regions where "Bully" would have either required a higher rating or prevented release entirely.

While easily recognizable, the artist took several creative liberties with the painting. The traditional gold and blue color scheme is replaced with green and blue, accented by red and yellow highlights. While in and of itself this seems like more of an easter egg than a tease, the rabbit hole goes deeper.

The artist who created this painting is Mathew Morse. This could just be a name, but the GTA fandom couldn't let things slide so easily, and began looking for some sort of hidden morse code message in the painting. Using the red and yellow highlights as a place to start, it turns out that depending on what order you read it in, the message could be "dan4" or some other combination of these letters and number.

It seems mostly gibberish, but it's also unlikely that Rockstar would go to the trouble of hiding some morse code in a painting if it meant nothing. Then again, they might just be trolling us!


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