GTA Online Adversary Mode Tips

Rockstar has really been pushing the Adversary Modes these past updates, so if you need some guiding this post is perfect for you.


Recent updates to GTA Online have continuously added new and unique Adversary Modes to the game; expanding the PVP possibilities of the game considerably. The new modes are quite varied and are sufficiently different from previous game modes so that even seasoned players might benefit from a few tips on how to dominate these new mission types. Rockstar has been known to release guides to new content before, though it is hardly a rule. One of the modes featured in these tips is "Offense Defense", which concluded the Lowriders Weeks GTA Online event a few days ago.



We might as well jump in with that mode right away. Offense Defense is a checkpoint based activity, with 2 to 4 teams competing for the win. Each team has two members, one Runner and one Blocker. The Runner's goal is to reach the end of the course in the shortest possible time while the Blocker needs to prevent the other Runners from achieving this and also defend their own Runner in the process. Runners might try leading attackers off on other routes, while Blockers should always keep close to their runners, rather than going on the hunt.

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"Hunting Pack" is a different mode that features a truck which will blow up if it slows down. One team needs to prevent this from happening, while the other seeks to achieve it. Blockers should try to block the Runner when its turning a corner, or near immovable objects, and don't forget - the handbrake is your friend. As for the Defenders, you should keep a tight formation around the Runner to protect it from harm.


Finally, we have Cross the Line, which it basically dodgeball with bullets. You need to get from your end of the map over into enemy territory, while preventing the enemy from doing the same. The best tactic here is to take it slow and stick to cover.

Have fun!

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