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Decade-old GTA 5 is still outselling Saints Row

Deep Silver Volition shouldn't take this in a negative light considering that GTA 5 is the second-best-selling video game in history.

Saints Row is back ... to hiding in the shadows of Grand Theft Auto.

Deep Silver Volition's highly anticipated return to the spotlight with the Saints Row reboot was supposed to be a big thing. Instead, critics ripped into Saints Row and audiences didn't like it either. It might not have necessarily been a bad game, but it appears that most expected a lot more from Saints Row.

To make matters worse, Saints Row couldn't even beat a nearly-decade-old game in terms of unit sales during the month that it launched.

According to, GTA 5 still topped the sales charts with 7.7 million copies sold, which pushed Saints Row back to second place.

While the data isn't complete and it doesn't cover the entire globe - for what it's worth, GTA 5 didn't even make it to the top 10 in units sold in the United States last month while Saints Row was also second - it's still telling that both physical and digital sales of GTA 5 are higher compared to Saints Row. It all suggests that Saints Row still hasn't established itself as a proper alternative to GTA, let alone the better game.

The bad news is that the continued popularity of GTA 5 will give Rockstar Games even more of a reason not to rush development on GTA 6.

Perhaps it was ambitious on Deep Silver Volition's part to expect Saints Row to outsell GTA 5. After all, the later is closer to selling 200 million copies in nine years. Still, we don't think that the studio is going to see it in a positive light.

Hopefully, Deep Silver Volition doesn't see this as a hindrance to continue supporting Saints Row and maybe even releasing a DLC or two for the game. It might not win awards, but Saints Row is as exactly what the franchise's best games were, for better or for worse.

In other news, dozens of GTA 6 videos leaked online over the weekend. Rockstar Games has since acknowledged the legitimacy of the leak.


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