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Cerberus Truck Halloween Event Guide - All 12 Locations in GTA Online

Similar to the Phantom Car event and the Los Santos Slasher event, a brand new Cerberus Halloween event for GTA Online features a haunted truck inspired by the 1971 action-thriller movie Duel.

The truck terrorizes players by chasing them and ramming into them. If you're on foot, you will be guaranteed not to survive. And if you're in a vehicle, the truck will ram you until the car explodes and you die.

General Information

The truck spawns as part of the Los Santos Tuner Exotic Exports vehicles that you must deliver to the docks. Like the original random chance event, the Exotic Exports vehicle spawns randomly. However, the Cerberus truck only spawns at 12 of the total 100 Export vehicle locations across Blaine County and Los Santos.

The event can be triggered in both public or private sessions as long as there are a minimum of two players in the session. Other requirements are as follows:

  • The player must not be inside a building (apartment, arcade, garage, etc.).
  • The player must be in Free Roam.
  • The player must either be on foot or in a normal land vehicle. By land vehicle, only vehicles on the road are applicable. You cannot be in a helicopter, plane, oppressor MK2, boat, or even weaponized land vehicles.
  • The player must have spent at least 16 minutes in the session.

There is no specific time for the event, and it can be triggered at any time as long as the above requirements are met.

As mentioned before, it is spawned as an Exotic Exports vehicle represented by a blue dot on the map. If you see the Exotic Exports vehicle in any of the twelve locations we've shown below, the truck will also be parked nearby and easily seen. The Cerberus truck won't have any driver.

When you get in the vehicle, the Cerberus truck will start up and begin chasing you. It will continue to ram into you until you either die or deliver the vehicle at the docks.

If you somehow outrun the truck, it will teleport directly behind you. Yes, it is exactly like the Dragon Ball Z instant transmission. You can either deliver the vehicle by surviving the terrorizing truck or survive for 5 minutes, after which the truck will stop chasing you, ending the event.

If you're having ideas about rigging the truck before entering the Exotic Exports vehicle, you're out of luck, as the vehicle is invulnerable to all types of attacks until you get inside the Exotic Exports vehicle.

The following are all 12 possible spawn locations where the event can be triggered. The red circles highlight the location where the truck will be parked, and the blue circles represent the location where the Exotic Exports vehicle will be parked.

Location 1

El Burro Heights.

Location 2

Los Santos International Airport.

Location 3

Mirror Park.

Location 4


Location 5

Pillbox Hill.

Location 6

Vespucci Canals.

Location 7

Pacific Bluffs.

Location 8


Location 9

Grand Senora Desert.

Location 10

Grand Senora Desert.

Location 11


Location 12

Paleto Bay.

Full Map Overview

The following image is a high-resolution image. We recommend clicking on it to get a better view of all the locations.


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