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Are we going to see Cuba in Grand Theft Auto 6?

GTA 6's setting continues to expand based on everything that we keep on hearing about the game. (Image via Rockstar Games).

The latest rumors surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 paint a tantalizing picture of what's to come. But, while it's common knowledge that GTA 6 will let players walk through the sun-drenched streets of Vice City, Rockstar Games' sparkling recreation of Miami, the whispers suggest that the next entry's journey won't end there.

Intriguing hints point to multiple new locations to explore, promising what could be a thrilling tale through the sun-soaked landscapes of Cuba.

Insider information from Tyler McVicker corroborates the older rumors that GTA 6's single-player campaign will feature a tragic Bonnie and Clyde tale, a timeless saga of love and crime featuring protagonists reportedly named Jason and Lucia.

Interestingly enough, GTA 6's story could feature a major time skip as well.

Between the rumors of a time jump in the story, an epic tale of bank-robbing as well as a daliance with the Colombian cartel, all set against the vivid backdrops of Miami and Cuba, it's no wonder that fans are itching to have a go at GTA 6.

Something tells us that GTA 6 will mention Michael de Santa or even feature him in a cameo. (Image via Rockstar Games).

The concept of visiting a different setting in a Rockstar game isn't new. Rockstar previously did this with Red Dead Redemption 2, taking players to Guarma. Later datamined details all hint that Rockstar had bigger plans for the locale but this went unrealized for one reason or another. It's unclear if Cuba will be a recurring part of the main GTA 6 map or a one-off location like the town of North Yankton from GTA 5.

Previously, Twitter user @Matheusbr9895_ brought up the topic of the same archipelago in April. According to the since-deleted tweet, GTA 6 might feature Carcer City, the delayed and crime-ridden setting of Rockstar's controversial Manhunt games. The said city, which is inspired by the more crime-ridden parts of Philadelphia, has been mentioned several times in older GTA games. The GTA 5 protagonist, Michael De Santa, even claims that he once robbed a bank on the outskirts of Carcer City.

Finally, the leaker mentions that the GTA 6 map will include a certain Havana with a "drug hut" in it.

Cuba was the setting of the latest Far Cry game by Ubisoft. (Image via Ubisoft).

From Cuba to Vice City, Brazil, and even Colombia, one thing about GTA 6 is clear: it's going to be larger and more expansive than any GTA game before it.

Only time will tell if we'll find out about GTA 6 later this year or not. For now, Rockstar is in the middle of expanding GTA Online with a new massive update.


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  1. Assuming the rumor is correct, the secondary location from the map should be Cuba inspired considered this will be based on a city in Florida, right?

  2. @RetroRanger,
    I heard the same thing and came in here to say that. I don't want to see it be DLC itself but I hope this means we will get other locations built onto the game in the future after it is released. That would be badass.

  3. Cuba is going to be an island map apparently that expands the world so to me, this means we are going to be able to travel to and from at least one location but this could also mean we will see others after the fact in the form of DLC.

  4. @Hassan,
    Depending on the landscape of the map, they can have the city area be the same but when you move away from it you can start to see different wildlife. Would be so cool. They did great work with it in RDR2.

  5. @Hassan,
    This sounds promising. I am going to keep an eye out for any hints or updates that may suggest this further. I think this could very well be one of the best game releases ever if they take everything they learned from all their previous titles.

  6. @noScope,
    I really hope they add an option for a pet. I would like to see that option. Even if we can't roam around with them, having them around our apartment would be pretty dope.

    I don't wanna give any ideas, but Rockstar could use this as an opportunity for some more profit. Having pets is an optional thing in games and has no added benefits (unless they decide to add some, which I hope isn't the case). If they somehow allow players to walk around free roam with their pets. That would incentivize getting pets in GTA Online, as cosmetics have been a huge part of online games. Everyone loves to show off their unique items online.

    Although I don't understand the complexities of game development, I see an opportunity here. Not sure how hard it would be for them to pull this off!

  7. @Hassan,
    If this is true, I am wondering how much they will put in the next game. Like there is a lot of wildlife happening in RDR2 and that was one of the reasons people loved it so much. Even the first one was awesome. Would they then allow for people to get pets?

  8. @stealthMode,
    According to rumors, they are using the same or updated engine used to develop RDR2. So, it might just be possible to have that interactive, immersive experience in the modern setting as well. I have yet to see a game beat RDR2 in how immersive it gets.

    I have high hopes for GTA VI and hope it delivers at least on par with RDR2's level (if not more). Rockstar Games did mention that it'll set a new benchmark for the gaming industry. Let's see how well it translates into practice!

  9. @PVP_Prowler,
    I am hoping for this too. It would be dope to have small creatures hanging around too. Nothing like RDR2 obviously buy having some wildlife would make things more interesting.

  10. The Cuba landscape is amazing. I think if they do go for something like this, it would really enhance the scenery of the game. We saw how good things could look in RDR2. They can take a lot of what they did there and make it better, have it be a mix of city and nature throughout the map.

  11. I think it will take inspiration from Cuba for sure. I know they like to model their maps on real locations which I always enjoyed but I can see GTA6 being a mashup of several locations. Considering the map is said to be massive.

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