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What is the Vinewood Car Club in Grand Theft Auto Online?

According to Rockstar Games, the introduction of The Vinewood Car Club is "just a taste of what's to come."

Immerse yourself in the glamorous world of Grand Theft Auto Online with the introduction of The Vinewood Car Club. This destination is a premium service exclusive to GTA+ Members. It's inspired by the glitz and sophistication of Vinewood's glory days, recreating the charm of bygone eras while maintaining a contemporary edge.

Launching on June 13 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S for GTA+ members, The Vinewood Car Club represents a haven for Los Santos' elite. Nealy hidden in plain sight on Elysian Island, it offers GTA+ subscribers a unique space to interact with fellow enthusiasts, acquire exclusive discounts, and even test-drive a curated selection of distinct vehicles.

The Vinewood Car Club puts automotive glamour front and center, providing a space for each vehicle to showcase its most alluring features. Whether it's the sleek curves of a supercar or the robust frame of a classic, each car is displayed under optimum lighting to ensure the details stand out.

Regardless of your stance on GTA Online''s premium content, it's what helps keep the lights on, or so to speak, at least as far as GTA Online goes.

Members of GTA+ can leverage the Car Club's rotating selection of vehicles to enrich their GTA Online experience.

From enjoying a leisurely drive in Freemode to placing an order for the chosen ride to be delivered to your current location, the flexibility of service is a highlight. Plus, an additional perk of the GTA+ Membership is the ability to purchase these vehicles at an exclusive discount.

One of the standout offerings at the Vinewood Car Club is the complimentary GTA+ vehicle. Members can inspect this vehicle within the club premises and claim it there too. The free vehicle, rotated monthly, adds another dimension to the overall experience, presenting GTA+ members with the opportunity to continuously expand their vehicle collection without incurring additional costs.

While the Car Club initially focuses on vehicle benefits, Rockstar Games assures us it's only the beginning. The developers promise a continuous expansion of facilities and privileges that provide GTA+ Members with an evolving list of perks that caters to their needs.

Despite its exclusivity, the Vinewood Car Club encourages members and non-members to explore its offerings. While specific features are exclusive to GTA+ members, non-members can still enjoy the spectacle of the roped-off podium space, taking in the splendor of the displayed vehicles.

We can only look forward to all the good things coming to GTA Online via The Vinewood Car Club.

With the promise of future expansions and more exclusive benefits, the Vinewood Car Club represents another development in the Grand Theft Auto Online universe.


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