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Rockstar Games' new video is believed to be about GTA 6

Rockstar Games New Video Gta
Rockstar Games is smart enough to know what it's doing and it's safe to say it succeeded in trolling GTA fans.

Rockstar Games never really followed convention and, so far, it's worked for them. Despite saying no to a potential live-action adaptation starring Eminem or a GTA-like game based on Breaking Bad, Rockstar enjoys a ton of success. The GTA franchise has sold more than 385 million copies in nearly three decades, with GTA 5 selling over 170 million units since 2013. So, should it even come as a surprise if Rockstar releases a bizarre video, seemingly out of nowhere?

Just as fans are waiting for Rockstar to release anything related to GTA 6, presumably to celebrate the series' birthday, Rockstar drops a trippy video with creepy background music. Some believe this cryptic footage is a tease for GTA 6 and fans should be bracing for more details in the next few days. Some even went as far as to say that the leak is related to GTA 6's rumored plot being about drug cartels. However, the actual answer to Rockstar's latest video might be more straightforward.

Keep in mind that the Los Santos Drug Wars went live on Tuesday, December 13, involving a type of drug, hallucinogenic. These psychoactive drugs are known for altering your mind, mood, and vision, often making you see things that aren't there. The swirling mishmash of colors is often associated with these types of drugs. So, the 15-second video is likely not about GTA 6 but more of Rockstar's way of promoting the Los Santos Drug Wars content update.

Rockstar Games New Video Gta
The pressure is on Rockstar Games to deliver a worthy sequel to GTA 5.

GTA 6 still doesn't have a release date despite being in development for nearly a decade. If we believe Microsoft, GTA 6 will be out by 2024. But, others claim that Rockstar is preparing to release the game in 2025. Regardless of when it comes out, we're pretty sure GTA 6 will meet expectations after Take-Two Interactive claimed GTA 6 will set "creative benchmarks" for the entire entertainment industry.


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