Leaker confirms GTA Online fast travel system in "Winter Update"

Dataminers has struck GTA gold once again. This time around, it involves a highly-requested feature for Grand Theft Auto Online.

It looks like GTA Online players will be able to fast travel in the game sooner rather than later.

After sleuthing around the in-game files of GTA Online, dataminers found a small set of very interesting details. For example, there's a reference to a potential new character, Dax, and a fan-favorite friend of Trevor Philips, Wade, who could appear in GTA Online soon. However, the most interesting part has to be the reference to "DOWNTOWN_CAB." This could literally mean a lot of things. It's just curious Rockstar is adding a file named like this weeks after asking GTA Online players about potentially adding "Instant Fast Travel" as part of GTA+.


GTA Online players are under the impression Rockstar will use taxis to integrate fast travel in GTA Online. This transportation mode already exists in GTA Online but you can't use it if you want to travel to another place in Los Santos in an instant. This is unlike in the single-player campaign of GTA 5, where players can use taxis to fast travel. All they have to do is to select their preferred destination and pay extra to go there immediately. It only makes sense for players to speculate for a similar feature to arrive in GTA Online even though it's been years since they've asked for this to happen with Rockstar seemingly not interested at all.

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Now there's new evidence of fast travel being added to GTA Online soon, presumably to be a part of the upcoming "Winter Update", you can't blame players for losing sleep.

Moving around GTA Online can be a drag sometimes due to the lack of more convenient options.

Plenty of players have wondered why fast travel doesn't exist in GTA Online. Some believe it is unnecessary. A handful justify its non-addition by saying that moving around Los Santos is part of what makes GTA Online so good. But, as GTA Online gets larger with each update, moving around has become a chore. Because of this, a growing number of GTA Online players are asking for Rockstar to finally make it happen.

It remains to be seen if Rockstar will give in and listen to insistent fan demand.

For now, GTA Online players might want to keep themselves busy with the game's latest content update.

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