Independence Day Celebrations Hit GTA Online

With the 4th of July coming up on the weekend, it's time for the annual Independence Day celebrations to kick off in Grand Theft Auto Online, heralded by the countless fireworks illuminating the sky with explosions of red, white and blue. A bunch of patriotically themed items are back on sale, and players get the chance to earn big with certain activities.

Among the main reasons to anticipate the virtual independence day celebrations is the chance to grab some thematic items like the Vapid Liberator, the Western Sovereign, the Musket, the Fireworks Launcher and ammo for it among other variants of regular items painted patriotic colours.

Of course, since many are still fooled into believing the "American Dream" being wealth and opulence, how could this week possibly pass without some bonuses on earnings in certain modes? Players hunting for treasure around the island of Cayo Perico and the bottom of the sea around it will earn double GTA$ and RP if they find chests and caches.


Few things are more American than oversized long-nose trucks that burn through entirely too much fuel, so it's only fitting that Mobile Operations Missions are dealing out 3x the usual cash and RP rewards all week long. The same bonuses apply to the Stockpile Adversary Mode as well if you think you have the piloting skills to beat out the competition.

Several free goodies await you in GTA Online this week as well. Simply logging into the game will unlock the Blaine County Talk Radio t-shirt. If you play a few rounds of Business Battles and manage to score a few victories, you might earn a Pisswasser, Benedict, Patriot, and Supa Wet Beer Hats, or the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt. The USA Parachute Bag is also available for free.

The Diamond Casino & Resort isn't skipping out on the holiday celebrations either, with a Declasse Hotring Sabre with 19 Patriot Beer Livery spinning on the podium this week. Grab this car pre-customized with a rare patriotic livery for free by spinning the Lucky Wheel at the casino.

Alongside all Independence Day items being half price, you can also grab the decommissioned Kosatka submarine for 25% off, Mobile Operation Centers for 40% off, Bunkers at half price, the Vapid Winky at 30% off, the Dinka Veto Classic at 30% off, the Albany Roosevelt Valor at 40% off, the Declasse Drift Tampa at 40% off, the Nagaski Buzzard Attack Chopper at 40% off and the MTL Fire Truck at 30% off.

Check back often for news about the upcoming summer Car Meet DLC!

Aron Gerencser
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