Halloween Week In GTA Online Brings New Bonuses

Last week's bonuses were just the humble beginnings of Halloween celebrations in Grand Theft Auto Online. Even more bonuses and special offers with a spooky theme await this week, giving players the chance to unlock some special items and make use of unique discounts.

Put on your blackest suit and head out to give the newest Business Battle scenario a spin. A downed alien spaceship has been quarantined in Fort Zancudo for study, hiding all kinds of valuable technology. Storm the base and steal as much extraterrestrial doodads as you can find and haul it back to Omega's shed for your payout.


The new Business Battle, and every other, pay out double rewards this week. In addition, winning any of the Business Battle matches will also unlock a bonus Cultstoppers tee for your character. The scary selection of Adversary Modes that were paying out double last week continue to do so.

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You can also play out the reverse version of this scenario with Alien Survival. Stepping into the boots of the E.T.s themselves, use your high power laser weapons to fend off human soldiers keen on vivisecting you and your mates. Alien Survival matches pay out 2x the usual RP and GTA$ this week.

Rockstar is keen to help you out with your Halloween outfit, so all players who log into GTA Online through the 5th of November will unlock free Butchery and Other Hobbies and Knife After Dark tees, alongside a Orange Dot Tech Mask. If you want to take your Halloween style to the extreme without spending a penny, make sure to visit the Diamond Casino, because you may win a free Albany Fränken Stange with the Lucky Wheel.

This week's discounts all check out too - every Nightmare variant of the Arena Wars vehicle upgrades are half price, while three Halloween DLC vehicles from years past are 30% off. You can pick up Facilities at a 40% discount, while the prices for their upgrades have been reduced by 25%.


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