GTA V Meets Mario, Throws Shell At Him

Let's face it guys, this was bound to happen eventually. Once again, like so many imes before, we come face to face with a pairing that honestly should have been obvious from the very beginning. One that now seems so apparent.

Mario Kart

Some things are simple meant to be. One game has cars, racing and cute cartoon non-violence, while the other has cars, racing, and brutal, visceral violence. We are of course talking about Nintentdo's Mario Kart and GTA V. These two franchises could not be further removed from one another, and yet the similarities are numerous. Now, thanks to the power of mods, you can don the fluffy moustache of the heroic plumber, and sit behind the wheel of his kart, and wreak havoc upon Los Santos. All while the legendary chiptune theme goes on as an undertone to your destruction, for in the world of GTA, Koopa shells are replaced with burning rags dipped into bottles of alcohol.

Technically comprised of two mods, this creation allows the player to equip a helmet shaped like Mario's head, and adds a standard red go-kart as a driveable vehicle to the game. Unfortunately, the power-ups from the Mario Kart games haven't been added to GTA (yet), so instead of a winged shell or banana peels, you'll need to make do with high-powered assault weaponry and various explosives. Oh well.


For those of you who don't now, Mario Kart is the racing spin-off sub-franchise of Nintendo's essential and legendary video game series, Super Mario (also for those of you who don't know: crawl out from under that rock). In it, various characters of the extended Mario franchise compete in races. Mario Kart is one of Nintendo's most lucrative series, with a massive following and installments released on most modern Nintendo platforms, the most recent Wii U included.

Would you guys want to see a mod for the power ups in GTA V?

Aron Gerencser
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