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GTA V Meets 007 and John Wick


Oh my, what's this? Not one but two amazingly detailed and authentic videos made using the Rockstar Editor, adapting various pop culture icons? Well, considering there are goddamn millions of these, this should come as no surprise.


While these videos are a little older (well, internet old - nothing that has been on the web for longer than a few hours can be considered new), they're definitely worth another look, simply by virtue of them being absolutely awesome.

Here we have two suit-wearing, gun toting badasses. While one is a little more guns blazing and the other a tad sneaky beaky, the similarities cannot be denied. Both Mr. Bond and Mr. Wick would be well suited to the criminal world of GTA. One would charm himself through, while the other would carve himself a blood soaked warpath.

First up, we have Bond. James Bond.

That's right folks, it's all there. The iconic opening, the weaponized spy car, the music, the atmosphere, the style, the feel. This right here is what authenticity means. The amount of time and effort fans must be putting into these recreations is pretty damned impressive. The Rockstar Editor was a stroke of genius on the developer's part, that's for sure.

In related news, do not mess with Keanu Reeves' dog. Ever.


With gratuitous violence being a staple of both GTA and John Wick, this pairing was a match made in heaven. If heaven was a bullet hell filled with mangled corpses. You get the picture. John Wick was widely acclaimed, and anyone who has seen the film should know why. If all the praise the action flick has gotten wasn't enough to get you to watch it, this GTA-ified version of its trailer should!

We've seen a host of high quality Rockstar Editor videos. What IP do you want to see get the GTA treatment next?


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