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GTA Online Subreddit Hosting Scavenger Hunt


GTA Online has one of the most active and dedicated player communities, which is likely a perk of being one of the most popular games ever developed. This is evidenced by the highly active subreddits dedicated to the game, one of which is now hosting a scavenger hunt with Shark Cards and Reddit Gold as prizes.

Found on r/gtaonline, the biggest of the subs dedicated to GTA 5's multiplayer component, the scavenger hunt is being hosted by one of the moderators of the forum. Called the Ash(hole), which stands for Awesome Scavenger Hunt (held online exclusively), this hunt has players take a number of images based on a set of clues.

There are 69 clues in total, because of course they are, and all allude to some activity or location found in GTA Online. Players are tasked with taking a Snapmatic photo related to these clues. There is no one right answer for any clue, as contestants are encouraged to get creative with their submissions. There are many ways to solve each clue, and it's up to you how you want to tackle them.

The host, maebeweird, one of the moderators, added a helpful little explanation on how the entries will be given scores. Essentially, the host will be giving out point holistically, but nonetheless the criteria are logical enough to avoid any kind of dispu... okay, who are we kidding. This is the internet, of course people will be mad they didn't win.

Entry examples, if the clue were "I'm loaded":

An understandable rule is that no form of modding or cheating is allowed. This is partially enforced by banning any entry that is clearly submitted from a singleplayer session, or those which blatantly make use of mods.

Entries are being accepted through the 18th of February, giving contestants plenty of time to come up with interesting shots for all 69 clues. The contest rewards include a Shark Card of unspecified value, as well as Reddit gold. Presumably, these two rewards go to first and second place, respectively.

Will you be entering this GTA 5 scavenger hunt?


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