GTA Online Casino player has earned millions just from playing Blackjack

They say that gambling is a zero-sum game. Apparently, no one told u/DaLamb2004 that.

GTA Online continues to act as an excellent facsimile of real life with people making a fairly honest living out of gambling.

According to the aforementioned Redditor, they've made a killing just playing Blackjack in GTA Online. To be specific, u/DaLamb2004 has made over $35 million and counting. Their strategy? "Always double down", or at least, that's what they seem to imply.

Naturally, other GTA players couldn't help but marvel. Most joked that they end up losing as much if not more, especially if they follow the supposed strategy of doubling down on your bets. Of course, u/DaLamb2004 was likely joking. Blackjack is a lucrative venture if you are of sound mind and can think methodically under pressure. Not to mention, several movies, like "21" from 2008, prove that some people make a living out of playing Blackjack as well as gaming casinos out of their money in real life.

Earning money from gambling has to beat stealing from vaults, right?

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Earning money in GTA Online isn't easy. If you know how to play your cards right (pun intended), you can cut down significantly on the time you spend earning $GTA by gambling.

The introduction of the Diamond Casino & Resort update in 2019 gave players a chance to try out their luck and bet virtual currency in Blackjack and Poker, among several other gambling games. But, fair warning, gambling is addicting.

Keep in mind that, when it comes to casinos, it's the house that always wins. Or, in this case, Rockstar Games.

If we're being honest, we're curious to find out of it's possible to count cards in GTA Online.

Speaking of Rockstar Games, the long-time developers of the best-selling franchise recently said goodbye to the latest installment, Grand Theft Auto 5. Many believe this is a sign that we'll see Grand Theft Auto 6 soon. If nothing else, Rockstar recently put Red Dead Online to pasture to focus more on GTA Online and GTA 6. The massive updates to GTA Online such as the Criminal Enterprises DLC appear to corroborate this.

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